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studioskim3 03-23-2008 04:12 AM

Betta's Tail deteriorate
My bettafish Baby's dorsal tail is starting to deteriorate and it looks like a crowntail's tail ... although he isn't. I've been treatin his water w/ water changes every few days, 25%, I use a few drops of bettafix everyday 2 times a day, it started to look better or stop.... and I sort of stopped using the bettafix and it started to get worse....

also... whenever i turn off his lights, and it gets completely dark in my room at nite, in the morning he gets really pale... mayb he likes his lights... but I read somewhere that turning on the light for a long time can be stressful for bettas... hmmm?

My other betta, Cloud, his water is fine, and so is his fins... a lil cloudy b/c of the bacteria that put in his watrr i think... but he seems great... and I've been treatin his water the same as Baby's and the water has been treated like this for three months now... so I'm not sure if its the parameter, which I have not measured since I have no money since I'm a college student. I recently used salt to Baby's water... we'll see if this helps...

please help me! Smile

Oldman47 03-23-2008 07:56 AM

You don't say how small the containers are but if less than about 2 gallons, I would be changing the water by 50% daily. That way you don't get too much build up of pollutants between changes. Be sure to use dechlorinator with the water changes and try to temperature match the new water to the old. You don't say if you are using a heater to hold the tank temperature constant in the high 70s to low 80s. If not, the difference in health between 2 tanks could be as simple as which one has higher and steadier temperatures.

studioskim3 04-03-2008 01:22 AM

so... I tested both my fishes' water parameter (finally bought the test kit) and our tap water's parameters... and its NOT good.... I am using the API master kit

my tap water :
ph: 8.2
ammonia 0.5-1

my fishes' water:

ph: 7.4

it seems the water is better w/ the fish... I completely did a water change on Sunday nite, and today is Wednesday nite... during the past 2 days in between, I changed their water everyday about 10-15% and this seems to be REALLY good for my bettas... what should I do? the tap water seems to be bad, and I can't afford to use bottled water... should I just continue this, and start using melafix and ammo-lock? What can I do to keep their water healthy and fix their fin rot? Please help!! thank you!!

SST 04-04-2008 06:22 PM

Your water conditioner will take care of the ammonia in the tap water. Just make sure on the label that is says that it does as not all brands do, if that makes sense.

What size bowls/tanks do you have?

Filtered? Heated?

studioskim3 04-04-2008 08:26 PM

I use the Petco water conditioner... I'm actually goin to switch to Aquasafe. Will this change make a difference/ stress the bettas?

Both my bettas are in (separate) 2 gal tank which aren't filtered, but heated, the temp is usually 72-78 degrees. I change their water about 15-20% in between the 100% water changes, which I do weekly. This wasn't too bad at first for the first month and a half... then one day, my baby betta started to have his fins distorted and ravaged... then my other betta got fin rot... this happened when I started to use a filter, but I guess it stressed him out which led to fin rot I think. So I took the filter out cuz I didn't want him to be any more stressed and the water became dirty. So i'm continuing w/ the everyweek water change... is there something wrong w/ wat I'm doing?

thanks for your help guys, I really appreciate... and so are my bettas :)

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