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King of Candlesticks 03-22-2008 11:49 PM

Honey Sunset Gourami
So I went to the LFS to finish stocking my tank thinking of maybe getting a couple Red Wag Sword Tail or some Sunburst Platies.
Since Petsmart (do you guys say Pets Mart or Pet Smart?) had been redoing their filter system for the past month or so they hadn't had any fish so I really hadn't had a chance to look around for a while.

Well I had never seen a Gourami before and as soon as I saw the Honey Sunsets I knew I wanted one for my tank. So I ended up with 3 blonde guppies and a Gourami and he (or she) is now my favourite fish. I didn't know that any Gouramis were community fish but apparently these are pretty docile.

Anyway, my question is do they really get to be 4 inches? He's only about an inch and a quarter now. So I assume he's young.

Also how do you sex them? I'd like to know if he's a boy or a girl so I can quit guessing that he's a he. lol.


willow 03-23-2008 04:40 AM

gotta love those gouramis.
well in one so young it will be a little while before you can
see if you have a he or she.
it usually goes by the dorsal fin,in a male it will be pointed,
and rounded if a girl.If it turnes out to be a male,
then the only ones to add in the future will be females,
males are very territorial(sp)where as a group willl be better.
and yes they can grow big.
don't panic if the little guy hides a lot(they don't always)
they can be like that,provide floating plants,and a planted
aquaruim offers security,and they become more settled.
hope i helped a little.

King of Candlesticks 03-23-2008 12:34 PM

Do you mean the back side of the dorsal fin? If so then I think I've got a female because it has a very rounded back on its dorsal fin. But again I think she's very young so I don't know if thats accurate.

Thank you very much

She won't be aggressive towards other fish though right?

I have her in a tank with two Mollies, a Platy, 3 guppies and three corydoras catfish. I was told none of those would be a problem (but I know you shouldn't always listen to lfs people) and when I researched it said that the honey sunsets were very docile. Do you think any of those fish will pose a problem?

The tanks planted and it has ornaments to hide behind and under.

Thanks again

willow 03-24-2008 04:45 AM

i think you should be ok,it's usually the males i find can be
rather agressive,
i've got pearl gourami 1male and 3 females,and the male
behaves himself very well.

Shovana92 09-20-2008 10:50 PM

I was wondering, since by now your girami is bigger, how is it getting along with your other fish?

I just got a pair of Honey sunsets and I've been considering buying some Mollies.

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