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Betsy 03-20-2008 10:21 PM

2 year old helping
well, my darling little girl decided she wanted to feed the fish, she dumped about an 1/8th of a container of fish food into the tank (the container was 1.95oz or 55grams.... I did a 2/3 water change yesterday vaccuumed as much of the food as I could from the bottom of the tank, woke up this am to a VERY cloudy tank. I did another 50% water change again, trying to vaccuum as much as I could of the floaties... but it still looks cloudy and icky. I am not sure what kind of harm this is doing to my fish. I only have two. A dalmatian Molly and a silverfin tetra. If anyone can offer me some suggestions as to how to get it back to normal it would be greatly appreciated. I moved the food up into a cupboard so the two year old won't be 'helping' me anymore. lol. Thanks in advance.

herefishy 03-20-2008 10:39 PM

Tank will settle down. What is happening is a bacteria bloom due to the excess food. Continue with 25% water changes. You will need a test kit to stay ahead of the situation. Make sure to continue to remove as much excess food as possible.

Just have some patience. And keep the fish food out of harm's way.

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