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BlueLightningTN 03-20-2008 07:48 PM

Decoratively Isolating a Blue Knight Lobster (Blue Yabby)
Hey all, I'm preparing to start a 120 gallon tank which will be in my living room, so obviously I want it to look very good. I'm going to be theming it heavily and using lots of real plants. Of course, I'm going to make it look good with plenty of lovely fish too. However, I really want my eye-catcher to be the fish-eating Blue Knight Lobster (yabbies for you blokes out there). Since I've found that they will eat anything they can get their pincers on, here's my idea and you tell me if it will work:

Theme 1/3 of the tank like a fishing net is hanging down into the water allowing tiny creatures to venture in and out of the large area. Place the blue destroyer inside the netted area with hiding places and plenty of interesting stuff to move around and pester, but he/she would not be able to get out of the area. I hope this would also take away his/her ability to pull a houdini on me and turn on rap music late at night.

Tell me what you think about that idea.


herefishy 03-20-2008 10:06 PM

Lobsters are interesting creatures and lot more creative than you may think. I, pesonally, will take odds he'll find his way out of his "prison".

BlueLightningTN 03-21-2008 08:23 AM

Lol, he may, but at least he's not going to be able to get at the fish on a regular basis. I'll let you know if he figures out an escape route!

AEWHistory 07-06-2008 11:48 AM

So how did this idea work out? I'm rather curious myself...


paytheplayer 07-09-2008 03:19 PM

I guess this thread answers my question. Will a Blue Lobster get along with tankmates in my 120 gal community tank. :roll:

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