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kittycat2016 03-05-2013 08:02 PM

Gupies dropping dead with no other symptoms
So i have 2 ten gallon tanks that house my male and female guppies (separately) and they have been running successfully for over a year and they have never had a problem with any illness. i do regular water changes and i had my water tested yesterday, it checked out perfectly fun! but all of the sudden the females are all dropping dead! ive lost almost half of them in 2 days! there are no symptoms of any illness and the water is perfectly fine. what is going on!!!???

SeaHorse 03-05-2013 08:20 PM

Hi Kittycat. I'm so sorry for your struggles right now. This is going to sound bizarre but... Could it be a malfunctioning heater? Could they have been electrocuted. It's rare but it happens. Be careful trying to figure this one out that you don't also get a shock.
Another thing I have encountered is a sudden change in the amount of chemicals that the water dept puts into the water system, especially in spring/summer. We are unaware they are looking after some bloom of some kind and we haven't used enough de-chlor in the water change. It's also rare but usually you can smell the chlorine when you turn on the tap and it's usually more in summer when this happens. You are close to my latitude NE of Toronto so you likely still have some snow too.
Did you do any water changes on either tank. Did you do something to one tank and not the other? You haven't added anything to the one tank?

kittycat2016 03-05-2013 08:26 PM

no i havent added anything to either tank except more water, and i have a well, not city water so its not chlorine...your right, it may very well be the heater! i never would have thought of that. is there a way to figure out if thats whats wrong? should i try taking out the heater or would it be too late to save them?

SeaHorse 03-05-2013 08:31 PM

Do you have a back up heater? Unplug that one and take it out. I don't know so can't advise you how to know if it is the heater. I wonder if a faulty heater would affect all the fish and not just some. Like a full tank loss.
Electricity frightens me a bit. Anyone else living with you to help? or do you know anything of electricity yourself? Just be careful.

MoneyMitch 03-06-2013 02:51 PM

you can touch the water and the heater when it is plugged in as long as you are NOT grounded. not really sure how you could test to see if the heater is shocking stuff or not but its a good theroy. did you maybe feed them anything or does anyone else look after thae tanks from tiem to time or have access? i know my wife and daughter like to feed my fish when im not home and off schedule. maybe someone put somthing in your water not knowing the effects?

SeaHorse 03-06-2013 02:59 PM

Ya Mitch those are good ideas too. Sorry... We don't know your situation... got a jealous little brother or sister in the household? It has happened before, something put in the water of a tank. Gosh I hope not tho.
Did you add anything to the one tank and not the other? plants, snails, shrimp, both tanks got water changes? Did you check the temp of the water before you put it in? De-chlor? Backtrack everything you did that day and the day before. Try to visualize everything you did. Walk yourself thru it step by step.

charlie1881 03-16-2013 01:29 AM

Hey kit , I am dealing with something similar I have a few tanks myself 3 in the den alone and the largest my 55 long fish started to die today almost all of them before I could get over the shock and think it out . I am all but certain that I have columnaris in mine :cry: , I have started a maracyn and melafix medication and UV steralizer but its already to late I fear .
I say this because my fish show no signs no cottony growth no pop eye or red streaks but , they are crowding in the corner and gasping for air at the top also they have started free falling and bumping into stuff . Are your fishes doin any of this ? will they eat ? are they crowdin a corner or rideing the top ? these are some questions to think about , watch them and see if they are doin any of this if so treat for bacterial infection immediatly . I hope this helps .

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