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bf2king 03-18-2008 11:44 PM

LFS smelled an impulsive buyer....
Ok i went to my LFS today 2 do 2 things...
1 Get rid of Yellow Lab / Comon Pleco
2 get an algea eating fish (i got a farowella cat)

well they had glass knife fish (4) all about 4-6 inches. They have small mouths and my mom (the impulsive buyer) liked them... the guy said it wasnt a fish eater mostly blood worms and that it didnt get much bigger... i warned her but she bought it... a cherry barb.... and 2 silver hatchet fish for an already over stocked 29 gallon... my question is if i got ride of my bichirs could i fit this knife fish and maybe 1 more (one of the few social knife fish that enjoy groups) in my 55 gallon... the 29 is too bare and 2 well lit to house this fish but i would like to try and keep this knife fish (i like knifes better then bichirs) i might even be persuaded to let go (trade in to lfs) the pictis as i really enjoy the way this knife looks and my setup is for a black ghost knife in mind actually.

The 29 it is currently in is stocked with zebra's guppies, mollies, hatchet fish, 1 comon pleco, 1 glass knife, 5 emerald green cories, 1 peperd cory, 1 albino cory (unknown type) (all the coriies school together) serpea tetra's, 3 silver hatchet fish, and a blueberry (dyed but i cant stop her from getting them) tetra. (only the zebra's are in a suffice school... besides the reproducing guppies)

if these sites are correct i should be fine with getting them and replacing my bichirs with them.

herefishy 03-19-2008 03:47 AM

Time for another bigger tank. Give the old one to Mom.

bf2king 03-19-2008 07:58 AM

i dont have room or money for a new tank :cry:
wish i did

bf2king 03-19-2008 02:50 PM

ok due to the small size of my bichirs and fear for my fish in the 29 i have moved the glass knife. to my 55 gallon (also even with driftwood i added to the 29 gallon it was 2 open for the knife and with the current sizes i can add him till i figure what im going to do

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