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Sylverclaws 03-02-2013 01:35 AM

Baby Mystery snails!
Well, I was cleaning out my twenty gallon nursery tank about a week or so ago and found these odd little things on the top of the tank just under the lid...I removed two thinking that something had gotten in and laid eggs, like a spider...since it looked like spider eggs through the wet glass. lol Anywho, upon further research I found out what they actually were: My mystery snails had laid eggs! I was so excited...I almost killed the eggs though. When I took two of the four nests out I could clearly see they were NOT spiders, and I thought I had let the water get too low and killed someones babies. I just wasn't sure who they belonged to! I put them in water in a breeding net, and found out only minutes later what they were and removed them from the water. I've been keeping the two nests on top of the breeder where they stayed moist, but not wet. This is a series of photos of how it ended up! Oh, before that, the two I left alone, one of them hatched and has vanished, the other is still working on it.

First off, the day of finding...and almost killing unfortunately:

And then, one of the smaller of the two nests decided to drop a few babies, which got me very excited. It slowly vanished over the next few days and I found a few babies. Unfortunately fairly hard to see in this photo:

And then last night, I noticed the leftover nest looked like it was getting pretty gross. I was ashamed thinking I had killed the poor babies in there, but I decided to leave it alone for a bit since it was out of the water and wouldn't hurt anything, I was hoping that yucky dark lookingness was actually babies and not rot, but it looks like it, eh?

And today, this is what I woke up to:

Yes, babies everywhere. Many fell into the main tank...but I am sure they'll be alright.

So, we know I have babies now. Isn't that awesome? I'm excited and now know better than to mess with the nests. I got very lucky is all. lol That other stuff in there is bits of an algae wafer and also some veggies out of the emerald entree I usually give to my fish, so lot's of veggies in there like kale, romaine lettuce, spinach and the like...Any other things I could put in for the babies? I haven't cleaned the place up much since I got babies, I'm afraid to. >< So many tiny babies. So any tips of light cleaning without risking harming the babies? If I suck them up with my normal cleaning of such things: Turkey baster, I can't see the babies if I got any like I can with baby fish! =( But I certainly don't want the place to get too gross. x.x

Ah yes, the mother, far as I know, is my dark striped purple. I saw one of my blues "Dancing" with her about a month or so before this. I initially thought they were fighting. lol My purple didn't look or act happy about her buddy.

SeaHorse 03-02-2013 04:08 PM

Oh... they are so cute!! Those babies in the breeder box came from that yucky glob looking thing? Will you be able to raise and sell them? Or have you thought that far ahead yet?

djembekah 03-02-2013 05:32 PM

Yay i love snailies!!!
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Sylverclaws 03-02-2013 08:15 PM


Originally Posted by Jakiebabie (Post 1451736)
Oh... they are so cute!! Those babies in the breeder box came from that yucky glob looking thing? Will you be able to raise and sell them? Or have you thought that far ahead yet?

The glob thing was the nest getting ready to hatch, the darker stuff means babies about ready to pop out. lol

And yes, I have thought that far ahead for once! Usually I forget to plan. lol I was -hoping- the snails would breed, but I didn't know they laid eggs above water, nor did I think I'd ever actually get any. lol I am gonna raise them, I have four tanks so surely I have room for them to grow in. I'm also going to be selling them to some shops around here who have been looking a bit...lacking in the mystery snail department. I'll also be sending some to a few friends. Oh, and of course I'll be keeping a few of them, my 55 gallon tank doesn't have any and could support at least a few, my grandma's five gallon I'm not sure if it can support any...and my ten gallon could hold a couple, as well as my twenty gallon could use at least one more. =)

This is all if they survive, I've never had baby mystery snails before so there's no telling if I'll be able to raise them right. =p I have noticed many of the babies haven't moved, but sometimes those guys like to just chill for a while, and being new and probably full from their egg yolk, they don't need to move. The handful of older babies did this as well, I thought they were dead...but about two days later they decided to get a move on. They've grown quite a bit as well, you can see some of the older ones in my last two photos, they're quite a bit bigger and only about a week older. lol

I did manage to clean out the yuck, but I haven't touched the plastic, and I didn't scrub anything. lol It was making me feel bad having it dirty in a place of baby raising. ^^;

Anywho, any suggestions on what I could feed them besides what I already am?

And also, any idea on what color variations I may get? I figure it may or may not have anything to do with the parents colors. Some are looking blue, some purple, others gold and some see-through clear/white. The mother was a dark striped purple, though she looked more of a red/brown color to me with stripes, one of the other parents I assume was one of my ivories or ivory/blues. lol

djembekah 03-02-2013 08:20 PM

snails aren't that hard to raise lol. trust me :3

Sylverclaws 03-02-2013 08:26 PM


Originally Posted by djembekah (Post 1452042)
snails aren't that hard to raise lol. trust me :3

Well, no. But babies tend to be harder than adults, they're usually more delicate and sensitive to things. My water stats have been pretty much the same for months, so I'm not too worried about anything like that causing death. Temp change is another matter, it's also stayed pretty steady since I started covering the top with a thick towel at night and have a floor heater nearby. Recently we've started getting cold fronts and blizzards though, so I'm hoping that wont affect much.
Anything I should look out for besides that stuff? Stuff that may do nasty damage quickly.

You know me, I'm a little obsessive and worry about everything. xD Especially with babies in the house!

SeaHorse 03-02-2013 08:30 PM

Awww Silverclaws.... I can't think of a better Mommy!... besides Bekah of course.

djembekah 03-02-2013 09:44 PM

Lol thanks Jakie :)

My snails, though i haven't had mystery snails or apples, have done really well in my tanks, even though I've changed temperatures a couple times. I've got a million mts to show for it, along with some ramshorns, and my favorites- rabbit snails!
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Sylverclaws 03-02-2013 10:45 PM

Hm, speaking of Ramshorns, I recently found some in my tank. At least I think they're ramshorns. Do they require any different kind of care? I have a red one and one that is darker in color, and I rather like them...but I have no freakin clue where they came from. I usually get those plants in the gel packs supposed to be snail, parasite and disease free. x.x The only thing I've added to that tank any time over the last three months is fry from my main tank, plants from gel pack or from my other tanks that came from the same or that I've had forever...and mystery snail. lol The only thing I can think of is that they came in on my mystery snails. LOL

Is this even a ramshorn? Me and Chesh have been guessing a lot. lol I had one that was cherry red, but it vanished. Probably still in there though, I's rather pretty. I know, smeary photo, I'm sorry. Hard to get photos of snails on the glass.

Here's the red one I can't find from the bottom view...worse than smeary. x.x; Twenty three photos of it and none of them came out at all. LOL

djembekah 03-02-2013 10:58 PM

oh yah i think they're ramshorns

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