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bradleyheathhays 02-27-2013 12:19 AM

I absolutely can't believe this. Getting ready to resilicone my 125 gal and...
as I'm doing the final prep and wiping down the inside joints with acetone, I hear three loud pops which turn out to be the top plastic frame splitting in three places. Two didn't separate so much and one did, although all three were all the way through.

This was the larger one. Tank is upside down on the stand.

So, just to be absurd I'll it possible to run a 125 gal tank with this type of damage, or does this cracked top frame necessarily need to be replaced? All three breaks were in the middle of the longer sections of the frame and none were too close to a cross support.

Top view...

I've been told my tank is an Aqueon brand. The glass measures exactly 18" x 72" and the top and bottom frames are two inches tall.

If it's at all possible to replace the top frame then I might as well do both. Anyone know where I should look to purchase these frame parts? Thanks.

OSagent23 02-27-2013 04:41 AM

I don't know where to go to purchase frame replacements. I will say that if the frame is cracking especially in 3 different places that it has some serious issues and should be replaced. I wouldn't chance the potential amount of water that the tank holds to be all over my living room floor because of a bad frame. The frame regardless of the amount of silicone used to keep the glass from leaking is what keeps the tank together and keeps it from exploding once filled completely.

MoneyMitch 02-27-2013 04:49 AM

agree, dont fill untill you replace the frame, i would look up the manufacter try and get in cocntact or even amazon or ebay actually. thats usually where i find my odd and ends.

JDM 02-27-2013 08:08 AM

If the plastic that cracked is the only support across the top, it needs to be replaced. Those cross braces hold the front and rear glass from bowing out, then breaking from the internal water pressure. If that is a decorative plastic fascia that is separate from another support setup that is still intact, then it may be only cosmetic. Putting the tank weight on a decorative assembly that is not configured to hold the weight (the tank was upside down afterall) could cause the breaks, particularly if the plastic is older, which I assume it is if you are siliconing.

If it is not a decorative piece then the concern would be why did it crack in the first place? Something must have flexed which leads to the stand being questionable. Perhaps the stand surface is not flat.


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