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bigt89 02-24-2013 09:45 PM

baby fry question feeding
hello everyone. to start off today was a good example of how the circle of life really works. have not had the greatest week with my fish. when i got back in town from vermont i noticed white spots on my fish. great here we go again just treated it 2 weeks ago for some kind of nasty fungus on their mouths. figured ick was not so bad never had it before either. never thought ick would literally kill over night. my heater knob snapped off the part down below that controls temp that i did not know about. so could not raise temp to 80-82. i foudn soemmedication in my cabinent called kordon rid-ich. been dosing that for 2 days before i even new you had to raise tempature. kordon was awful did nothing. talked to owner at local fish store not sure if its all bs or not butkordon is a joke and nothing more then colored water from what i was told. told me to get thsi stuff called quick cure in a tiny squeeze bottle. i got that dosed it 1 time adn got my new heater as well an djust before it heats up to 80 when i got everything on friday fish looked even worse. so long story short yesterday about 5 died woke up this morning to find more dead all my fish are gone. i just have 3 of them cory cats left. i ont know if ick cant kill them but my guess is there literally impossible to kill they survived the worst of the worst with everything, and seem to come out without a scratch while the rest die or suffer.

so my question is i still treated the tank but decide to say hell with it let me see if a full water change and tank change will help the last top swimmers left ( 2 dalmations and 1 turq. rainbow) put my old gravel back in since i dont do plants anymore. gravel i took out was so hard to keep clean and would get sucked up by vacuum. so went back to old regular stoned what ever u wanna call them.i have a 36 gal bow front took out at least 34 gallons all new fresh water put my normal api stresscoat+ in then dosed again with the meds. while i was changing the water wth is this? a baby fish. look aroudn in tank and babbies popping up al over.

even though i changed most of the water and new gravel no algea nothing all clean fresh new tank filter media still same no carbon thats out still. how can i prevent my fry from dying? i had a few die already. my sister was helping me out with them adn she thinks they dead ones had a white spot on them as well. can i save them?

i also ave not really had mollies in about 2 good years so forgot how to care for them. i remember u would crush up flake food to feed them and occasionally fresh hatched baby brine shrimp. foudn it hard to believe 2 ingredients in 2 packages turned into shrimp in the hatching kit so not sure if they got me or not. i forget when i feed them . i remember i use the tooth pick wet it so food sticks and feed them in my breeder thing. but i cant remember how long i wait until they can eat and how often i feed them. i have tetra granules i tried crushing up but not sure if they will work. appreciate any help and hope this ick wont kill them. i been using new medication now for about 2 days tomorrow will be the 3rd dose.

essjay 02-25-2013 04:25 AM

I'm sorry that you're going through all of this... :-( I haven't had much experience with ich or other diseases yet, but hopefully I can help you with your fry...

I've got umpteen platy fry at the moment, all different ages and I've found the best way to feed them is by crushing up granules, flakes or algae wafers with a mortar and pestle.. Crush it in to a fine powder and voila, fry food :-) I also leave a few bigger bits too as I find they like to "attack" the bigger bits and chase them around the tank.. Whatever gets left over is hoovered by my cory cats.. I feed them 3 or 4 times a day and will cut this back as they get bigger.

Good luck with it all, I'm sure it will all come good with advice on here :-)

1077 02-25-2013 07:20 AM

Need info from question's in Disease/emergency section of this forum.
Shotgun approach with med's is seldom successful ,especially if water chemistry is not suited for optimum health.

bigt89 02-25-2013 10:05 AM

okay but do i start feeding them right away?

essjay 02-25-2013 07:57 PM


Originally Posted by bigt89 (Post 1444409)
okay but do i start feeding them right away?

I would if they seem ok, can't have them starving! Have you filled out the info that 1077 suggested? It can be found here:

bigt89 02-25-2013 08:38 PM

no i have not. did not even know about it. just hope they dont die on me im not sure if the crushed up tetra ganules are good or if i should just get flake to feed them and crush it up.

essjay 02-25-2013 09:06 PM

The crushed granules or flakes would be fine :-) Feed them small amounts 3 or 4 times a day if they are teeny tiny (mainly eyes with a tail.. lol), 2 or 3 times a day if they are a little bigger (say a few weeks old and looking more like an adult fish). Baby brine shrimp are good I hear, but I find mine are doing really well on the flakes, granules and algae wafers. I feed one type of food each feeding and pretty much alternate between the 3.

Make sure you fill out that form, then those more in the know with diseases will be able to help you. As 1077 said.. "Shotgun approach with med's is seldom successful ,especially if water chemistry is not suited for optimum health."

bigt89 02-25-2013 09:21 PM

OKkay cool thanks.

Sylverclaws 02-27-2013 02:47 PM

Ick is nasty and it can spread and kill quickly unfortunately. I've had a couple bouts with it myself. My usual cure is a little pimafix and melafix, about half the required dosage so it can heal the fish up from any possible bacterial infections where the ich pops out of them. But the best cure I have found for ich, out of all those ich-cure things from the store is: Heat and salt. You raise the heat up to about 84 degrees, you already have it at 82, yes? Add in salt. Add the salt before you turn the heat up more. Raising the heat causes ich to multiply faster. With nothing to kill it when it pops out of the fish, they just re-enter more fish in greater numbers. That's where the salt comes in. Aquarium salt wont hurt your fish if you have only livebearers in there, in fact most like it. You'll want to remove your plants if you have any though, the salt and heat will melt them right down. Star out with about half the required dosage of salt though, it'll still do it's job. After a day, add in another two tablespoons. Wait a day, do a 25% water change, and add in three more tablespoons of salt and keep your heat up. You may need to keep this up for about two weeks, unless you still see spots. After the first few days to a week, the spots should clear up a great deal if not completely, but you will want to continue treatment.
That treatment has always worked for me, the pima/melafix is just a precaution to help up their immune systems and kill off the possibilities of fungus or bacterial infections from your sick fish and any small, but dirty wounds they get from the ich.

As for feeding babies, I breed my livebearers quite often. They do well with baby brine shrimp, daphnia, crushed fish flakes which you will want them to have at least once per day for that calcium they need, as well as algae wafers for them to chew at and I like to add in the occasional cooked and skinned pea(About once per week). I also give them some of that frozen Emerald Entree, it's mostly vegetables which they absolutely love and are VERY good for them. You'll want to pick out the larger blood worms and shrimp. They can't really eat it anyways, but they will pick on it which is ok, so it's not a MUST. Ah yes, tubefix worms are good too. They're small and stringy and easier for fry over one week old to eat. Be sure to feed them a minimum of three times per day and clean out extra yuck and food from their net twice per day at least. I use a turkey baster for that, and put it in a clean pitcher just for the fish so there's no soap residue...and also in case I get a baby, they go into a pitcher that is easy to get them out of and back into the net with minimal risk of damage. ^_^

And yes, you can start feeding them the day they're born, but usually they're still full from the egg yolk and wont be interested. After half a day or so from birth they should be more interested in food. So yes, you can feed them right away, they just may not eat it if they're still full from their eggs, and occasionally it takes some time for them to get used to being fed. =) You just want to put a pinch of food in at a time, they don't need much and babies don't over-eat often, but there's still a risk, so keep watch on those little bellies. Naturally babies do get a belly until a certain age, but make sure they don't look like a gorged fish. xD

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