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I3raven 02-23-2013 11:05 PM

What disease is killing my fish?
I'm completely confused on what disease my fish might have died from. I suspect either Skinny Disease, Mycobacterium, or Neon Tetra Disease. I'm not sure if Skinny Disease is caused by Mycobacterium, but I hope it's not. So my Clown Loaches recently died, showing signs of not eating, emaciated body, skeletal structure showing, less motion. They used to be swimming and thriving. My Neon Tetras are actually eating and shoaling with no problems except they show bloating in their belly and their adipose fin. One tetra has even lost it's fin and it might been due to bloating, but has no problems swimming. My Ramshorn snails are reproducing, but there is some empty shells and it's not due to the Clown Loaches eating. What disease do you think it is? I orginally posted this from the PlantedTank forums, but they still couldn't identify the disease.

ladayen 02-24-2013 12:03 AM

This sounds like an internal parasite. Your clown loaches are eating the snails but aren't getting the nutrients as the parasite is stealing it. The neons are just now starting to be affected as the clown loaches have been exhausted as a host food source, bloating is the parasite growing.

That's my theory anyhow.

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