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Carch 03-16-2008 05:42 PM

Blue Gourami Advice + Tank History
Hello I'm new here, I've read some topics on this forum in the past but I've found that the fish community I normally deal with on a blog is extremely unhelpful, so I decided to sign up here. Before my question I'll tell you a bit about my tank; I have a 29 gallon tank with a 50 gallon Penguin BIO-wheel filter. I try my best to keep it sparkling clean.

Well, I have a senegal bichir, one opaline gourami, one blue gourami, one zebra danio and three rasboras. I know the rasboras and danio are in a much smaller group than they need to be, but the danio is three years old and his school died off long ago. I originally had more rasboras as well but I'm not keen on keeping them anymore either, so I'm slowly waiting for them to die off :\ Yes, I'm aware that they may possibly be eaten by my bichir when he grows to a larger size, he's currently 4" in length.
I did a lot of research around my bichir and only currently have room for a 29 gallon. In the future I would love to upgrade but I'll probably be stuck with this for several years. I had read that the senegal species will be fine in a well maintained 29 gallon.

I know that was a bit of a ramble but I wanted to explain myself a bit first, sorry for all that text!

My question...
I would like to make the tank into a gourami tank. I will not be getting rid of my bichir so they of course need to be longer than 3". My blue gourami is a 4" male and I recently bought what I THOUGHT was a 3" opaline female. When I purchased her she had the characteristic very round dorsal fin. However now, two months later, "her" dorsal fin has now developed a very small point to it. Much like a dwarf gourami would have, it looks like this:
I'm now concerned that my female is possibly another male.

My male blue gourami originally treated this new fish quite well, but now he's very tempermental towards "it". He often chases it around the tank and I'm concerned about the stress he's causing. I would like to buy a third gourami but I'm not sure how to go about it. All the ones in my local fish store are still babies and about 2" long, I'm afraid if I buy another "female" that it may be a male again. Heck, I'm not even sure if my opaline IS a male yet.

How do I disperse the aggression in my tank? I'm afraid of putting a female in there with "two" males, yet I'm afraid of ending up with another male as well. I don't want to add too many gouramis but I definitely want more than two to try and fix this problem. Also, would other species matter? Say, if I got a dwarf gourami would my large male focus on it or ignore it? What about one kissing gourami? I'm not sure about that species though, I've read conflicting things on their behavior and potential size.

Again, sorry for this large question! I'm a ranter by nature and I just wanted to explain my situation well. I hope someone can help!

Emerc69 03-17-2008 12:05 AM

from what i hear these fish may need a 50 gal tank at the maximum sizes or near that i would suggest trying to introduce 2 gouramis at the same time. i also hear if u get the same species of gourami it may be bad. try mixing diff colors gold and opaline i hear helps around the same size avoid dwarfs. if your trying to mate them make sure the next one is for sure a female and that i dont know how to tell.

if ur mixing other fish i know barbs & clown loaches would do well.

gl with ur tank.

MisticAllie314 06-15-2008 11:25 PM

I have a tank right now of just a pair of gouramis. The male gourami had the whole place to himself at first... then I added a spotted female gourami... Spotted gouramis are bigger tho. Can get up to 6" my female is probably 5" right now with the male dwarf at 3". I greatly suggest you get a spotted female gourami... My dwarf and spotted get along famously... eating together, grazing on plants together (unfortunate for me =P), chasing eachother playfully, hiding together, sometimes they embrace... but they're not quite "mating" embraces lol. I'm pretty sure they wont mate due to the difference in type. But they sure make great roomies =D

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