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xfatdannx 02-22-2013 09:36 AM

Been window shopping for future fish.
so i stopped a LFS and a LPS and noticed at the LFS that pretty much all their serpaes (about 6-8 i did not count them) were pretty chill but one. The one was a complete spaz, obvious signs of fin nipping on a few other fish, and when there were no fish around him he was wiggling like he was trying to swim 100mph but wasn't actually moving. Made me think of a coked up fish. Just curious what your thoughts were on this as the LFS said "I dunno" shrugged and walked away.

1077 02-22-2013 09:47 AM

Serpae tetra's will nip fin's of other fishes as well as their own species, and would not be what I would choose for communty tank unless tank was large, and were/are being kept with more aggressive tetra's ,Barb's. Buenos aires tetra's ,tiger barb's,black phantom tetra's,or larger tetra's like Columbian's.
Would not buy fish from tank at store until they have been there a week, and then would still quarantine any new fish I added to my tank.

xfatdannx 02-22-2013 10:15 AM

thanks for the feedback...appreciate it.

rexpepper651 02-23-2013 01:06 AM

i dont suggest Buenos aries tetras either. they are very aggressive and also love to eat live plants. they dont attack other fish but they will nip the ****s out of each other. ive had to move them a couple of times to my QT tank cuz of badly nipped tail fins.

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