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girlofgod 11-10-2006 11:15 AM

agressive male platy
let me begin by saying that i have already advised her that her tank is overstocked, and that she should upgrade to a larger tank to accomodate her angels at least, but moving past that, this is my problem:

my mother recently added 6 ghost shrimp, 2 mystery snails, and an aquatic frog to her 10 gallon tank...which otherwise hosted two sunburst platys and two very small angelfish. prior to introducion of the new tank mates, the platys were very happy and content as a pair, and the angels were happy as a pair. since introduction of new tank mates, the male platy has become extremely aggressive towards the female platy and is constantly chasing her/nipping her fins.

my question is: would introduction of new things to the established tank make the platy aggressive?

i had a couple of male swordtails in my tank when i first set it up, and they were quite peaceful until i added something else weeks down the road. at which point my pineapple turned on my red velvet and stressed him to the point of death.

has anyone else had this problem? is this common with livebearers?

i recommended that she take the male fish back to the lfs and exchange him out for a different male platy. was this adequate advice?

i realize that the first thing out of everyone's mouth will be "take the angels back or upgrade the tank" but she won't do either at this time, so i would like advice on the platy situation please. Thanks!


Lupin 11-10-2006 06:24 PM

IMO, livebearers will need a sex ratio of one male to 2-3 females. One female is impractical as the males tend to be horny and will only try to coddle the female to court with him.

I wouldn't change the male platy. Just add one more female platy and his aggression will spread out equally.

As for angelfish, IMO, 10 gallons is far too small for 2. I would keep them in a tank of more than 30 gallons with a height of 18 inches. Angelfish tend to have very long fins and can reach almost 5 inches in body size(excluding the fins).

girlofgod 11-10-2006 08:43 PM

thanks blue..and i KNOW that about the angels...and so does she...but you cant make a person change their minds..

crazie.eddie 11-10-2006 10:28 PM

The male platy is just horny aggressive :D Not mean aggressive :lol:

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