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Rose663 02-21-2013 05:10 AM

Black Molly recurring problem
Hi everyone!
So we had babies yesterday after what seemed like such a long wait, my orange Molly has dropped around 31 and they all seem happy in the breeding trap.

My black Molly (two of these) seem to constantly have ich! I brought the interpet white spot treatment and used it as instructed and carried on the treatment for 16 days (not treatments as it says to treat every 3rd day) they seem ok but they still have quite a few white bits on them! The lady in LFS said with black Molly's it can take about 3 months for the pigmentation to come back? So do I need to retreat or is it just because they r black and has 'stained'
Also if I treat them should I remove the babies? I don't have another tank set up in the house but could put them in my friends tank.

Thanks in advance and I hope it makes sense
Rose x

ZivaD 02-21-2013 07:22 AM

What are your water parameters/tank conditions? Are you keeping them in a fresh or brakish tank? How long have the fish been afflicted with Ich and have you ever completely cleared the infection on them?
Do you have photos of the areas of concern on the fish that you can share?
DO NOT remove fish from a tank where there is a known disease in play and move them to someone else's healthy tank - you run the risk of contaminating your friend's tank/fish.

Rose663 02-21-2013 07:30 AM

Hi thanks for your reply, yes I did think that I could infect her tank so won't b doing that.

Ph 7.2
Kh 10
No2 0
No3 25 (I know this is high)

They have been like it around 2 months, I got the treatment and it did clear up but the white on the black Molly's never completely went, it hasn't spread as in they don't have more spots but I thought if it had cured them they would have gone by now?
They r in a 120litre freshwater tank with mostly Molly's and platys, 2 corys 1 giant danio and a Pleco.

I'm not sure how to upload photos onto here using an iPad?

Rose663 02-21-2013 08:19 AM

Have just put a pic as profile pic

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