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fashionfobie 02-20-2013 04:08 PM

Lionhead vs. Ranchu vs. Lionchu
I have become very interested in Ranchu and I am gathering information. I don't have any experience with goldfish. I have ample experience with tropical freshwater fish so I do feel like I can take one on :) Hopefully in an indoor pond!

My question pertains to the Lionchu. I am got the impression that the Ranchu was breed from a Lionhead. If this is the case wouldn't crossing a Lionhead and Ranchu to create a Lionchu sorta be a step backwards?

I still feel partial to the Ranchu, but I want to be confident so I can identify a true Ranchu.

Any information is appreciated.


thekoimaiden 02-20-2013 07:29 PM

If you want ranchu for an indoor pond it sounds like you want to look at top view ranchu from breeders. If you are looking for quality goldfish, I would bypass the pet stores all together. There are two variations of ranchu, and the top view is more pleasing to look at from above. Their bodies are longer and their wens give their heads a more square shape.

This article might shed a little more light on your question of ranchu vs lionhead. What's the difference between a Ranchu and a Lionhead? - Practical Fishkeeping

fashionfobie 02-21-2013 05:55 AM

Thank you for the link. I think I will probably find a breeder when the time comes and avoid pet store fancy gold fish. We are going to build an indoor pond specifically for ranchu. We seem to have fallen for these pond puppies :)

I am assuming it is better to go wide rather than deep for oxygenation. How many gallons would you suggest per fish? We could probably do a 300-400 gallon enclosure. At the moment we are considering maybe 6 fish and we will attempt to have some plants growing around the pond and some sub aquatic plants as well. Are there any plants that are toxic that we should avoid?

Thank you very much!


fashionfobie 02-21-2013 05:39 PM

I moved my questions about specs to the pond section.

Thank you for your help :)

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