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MonteCarlo 02-18-2013 08:58 PM

not sure why my RCS died :/
bought 3 RCS for my 10 heavily planted NPT yesterday. acclimated them alright id assume, and they didnt show signs of stress like hyper activity / trying to escape. today i found one motionless at the top of my tank kind of stuck in some duckweed. I poked him a little, no reaction, so left him there for a good 4 hours. Came back and still there, poked him alot/took him out/ no movement. I tested water, no ammonia or nitrate. temp is at 75. Only fish I have are guppies and they definitely didnt attack it. one of the other shrimp is still alive, but the third small one I havent seen today...idk... dont understand how they could have died. plenty of algae and stuff in my tank to eat too

thekoimaiden 02-20-2013 04:27 PM

Shrimp are notorious for dying when introduced to a new tank. Even well-kept tanks like yours and mine. I lost about 4 shrimps when I introduced them into my setup a month ago. That's why it's recommended you buy more than a handful at a time. Mortality is almost expected with these guys.

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