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master1425 03-14-2008 07:19 PM

Wanting to start a 10 gallon betta tank

Well, after some thought, I've decided that I would very much like to start a tank.

Im a college student, so of course I want something that will only require basic mantinence and care, while still be very attractive.

So, im hoping to have a 10 gallon(possibly might think 5-7.5 gallons), featuring one male betta fish.

So, Im hoping maybe someone with some more experience in the area would be able to recommend a few things such as: plants that go well in a 10 gallon(w/ bettas), as well as cleaner fish(or snails maybe?) that would go well in this combination.

Any recommendations or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

herefishy 03-14-2008 09:33 PM

Donethe college dorm tank thing myself, albeit many, many years ago. I was fortunate to have my roommate expelled from school so I had the whole room for me and mine. I started out with a bigger tank, but I do understand your dilemna.

Either a 7.5g or a 10g would be fine for one male betta. The smaller tank will call fo more maintainence. A single male betta with about four cories, or a mystery snail, would be nice. Maybe even a dwarf plecostomus. Plants could include eoldea floated in the tank. This would provide cover and calm the betta. Small cryptocorynes would also be a nice touch.

MattD 03-14-2008 09:49 PM

I say get the 10 gallon, 1 male betta, and a shoal of 6 panda cories. The cories will be happy, and the betta will be lounging all day as his underlings scour the floor day and night.

By the way if you do get cories, do yourself and them a favor and get sand as your substrate. While standard gravel is suitable, they much prefer the soft sand over the potentially harmful gravel. Not to mention it's better for their underbellies, which will be touching the floor constantly.

You will also notice their barbules will grow to superior lengths compared to those who skim gravel all day. When I switched half of my tank to sand, my cories' barbules finally healed nicely and actually grew, compared to their often uneven, short, seemingly damaged barbules before. I'm not saying that gravel = bad, but would you rather have a nice soft carpet to walk on all day, or an uneven, bumpy floor? :wink:

Good luck!! I love small tanks!! :D :D :D

master1425 03-15-2008 08:02 AM

I really like cories, but I also love snails to death(weird I know, but their by far my favorite thing to look at in a tank).

But.. I think I'd really like to go with cories for this particular tank.

Then, as far as the substrate goes, I want a very natural looking freshwater tank so I imagine sand would look very nice. But, how much more difficult will that make cleaning?

Next question Id like to pose is about filtration. I know bettas dont like any strong currents, but I also dont want to let the tank get backed up so, what kind of filter should I use? a 3-5 gallon top filter?

Also, plantwise, I like the sound of having elodea in it as back cover. Can you think of anything smaller that would serve as a good plant for the front edges of the tank?

beetlebz 03-15-2008 09:14 AM

as for a filter I use a regular whisper HOB filter. I took the lid from a female betta tub that you buy them in, poked a hole in it, stuck a zip tie through it, and closed the zip tie in the cover of the tank in such a position so the lid from the betta tub deflects and calms the outflow of the filter.

If they feel stressed (I have 7 females) from any of the current they actually hang out directly underneath the plastic lid.

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