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CayennePepper 02-15-2013 07:16 PM

First Time with GBRs
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I started this whole situation in a previous thread with a question, but decided that I'd gotten a bit far from my original question and should just start a new thread for advice and tips.

Started with a Blue Ram and a Bolivian Ram the lfs had mistaken for a male Blue Ram. Returned those when my husband got me a pair of German Blue Rams that looked like they had bonded at the store (I didn't want to create a territorial problem with the odd Blue female and the bonded pair, and didn't want to leave the Bolivian all alone)

The first day I got them (yesterday) they mostly swam together most of the time but when they chased each other it was pretty intense to watch, so I got a pot for the female to hide in. She never used it. The chasing slowed down a lot today and they actually set up a piece of territory in the middle of my tank on the fake log. They've been gently chasing away the other fish since mid-afternoon.

I went to the lfs, and when I got back I discovered a patch of white fuss on the little piece of log they've been defending. Eggs! It looks like they've spawned after only being here less than 48 hours! Is that normal? They have both been defending their little plot of log together pretty peacefully and even though they chase other fish away, its only when they get way too close and then they don't actually chase them very far and never nip at them.

I know that they usually eat their first few spawnings, so I won't be too disappointed if the nest is gone in the next few days, but if they do survive I'm gonna have to figure something out...

Anyone out there have experience with this sorta stuff? I'll post updates regularly as I'm absolutely fascinated by these guys.

CayennePepper 02-17-2013 06:17 PM

Today I noticed one or two "eggs" that either looked dirty or had really tiny eyes. Anyone know how long it takes for the eggs to hatch?

Even though my husband let the temperature get down to 75 degrees yesterday, the parents have yet to eat the eggs. The male freaked out a little and wouldn't go near the eggs, but after adjusting the temperature and slowing bringing it back up to 82 degrees this morning, the male has started taking his turn watching the eggs with the female. Their color is returning, and I swear I see at least two, maybe three, pairs of little eyes on the eggs. Could just be dirt and an overactive imagination, though.

I really need to give them names though. Male and female sounds too dry...

Byron 02-18-2013 06:35 PM

A change of water as would occur in acquring new fish will frequently induce spawning if the parents are anywhere near ready. Spawning in their natural habitat is often initiated by rainfall which cools the water and changes the chemical makeup (pH, TDS, etc). This is why we always recommend a major water change with slightly cooler water to induce spawning in many fish. And doing this on a low pressure day increases the chance of success since the fish can detect atmospheric pressure.

I don't think these cichlids are known for eating their spawn, that is more angelfish. But if there are other fish in the tank, especially nocturnal catfish and such, they usually get the eggs or the fry.

There is another current thread with info on foods, etc., here:


lorax84 02-23-2013 06:35 PM

I had a pair of GBRs for two years. They spawned a half dozen times but I was never able to raise any fry. If the eggs turn white, the were not fertilized and will usually get eaten. The ones with dotd inside them are fertilized. If these hatch you will first see wiggles on the log, then fry hovering around the parent. This is as far as my GBRs ever got. Every time, after a few days they would eat the fry.

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