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milindsaraswala 03-14-2008 05:55 AM

help me pleaseeeeee.
I have setup my tank just before 7 days. And My big mistake was that i purchase fish and tank on the same day. Now going through this forum lot kind people help me. I start changing water every 12 hrs for 4 days then somebody in forum told me don't change so frequently he also added that change water frequently will stress the fish so i decide to change once in a week . Then after yesterday i bought API freshwater master kit and printer water conditioner.

Now i put very little prime in my water and then I test my water. It was showing very normal parameter like pH 6.8, Ammonia 0 , nitrate 0 and nitrate 0. But still my honey Gourami going on bottom surface and sitting there only and my blue Gourami was struggling in corner on the top surface now some 1 inch distance but on top surfase only after prime added to the water. and other my 9 tiger barbs are playing normal but they are now slightly vertical.

Now my question is that is this prime product is gud to use next thing how can i know that my cycle is going or not and another thing my both honey and blue gourami comming on top of the surface after each 1-2 minute slightly get his/her mouth out take oxygen and go the same place. So it is the nature of gourami fish or my water is having less oxygen beause my tiger barbs are not doing like this. if not gud then what should do to generate oxygen.

Thanx in advance

willow 03-14-2008 08:04 AM

the toxins in the water are making your fish act this way.
the reading that you are getting from your test kit are telling
you that your tank is not ready for fish,
i would do a water change.(add prime to new water before it goes in the tank)a water change will dilute the toxins and help the fish a little,
unfortunatly for you,the fish that you have in there are not really
best for a new tank as yours is.
keep testing the water,not for the PH,but for the Amonia,Nitrite
and Nitrate.
you will see from the colour chart that the numbers will rise over the comming
weeks,then drop to 0 except the nitRate,this you keep low with water changes.

thespiff 03-14-2008 10:25 AM

"the reading that you are getting from your test kit are telling
you that your tank is not ready for fish"
Are you sure you meant to say that? He's reading 0-0-0. Water changes are pointless at this point. Water changes should be done to cleanse out the water when you get ammonia or nitrite spikes. If you don't have high levels of ammonia or nitrite, then what are you removing with the water change? You're just stressing the fish.

Gouramis are labyrinth fish, meaning they can take a gulp of air from the surface into their labyrinth organ and use the oxygen from it, effectively breathing air like people do. It's normal for them to grab a gulp of air at the surface from time to time. I've had a pair of Pearl Gouramis for 5 months, they are happy and healthy, and they gulp air all the time.

Do not add chemicals to your tank to change your water parameters or assist in the cycle. It will probably just stress your fish more or kill them. Start doing 30% daily water changes when your ammonia test reads more that 0 ammonia. Continue until ammonia is 0 before your daily water change. Then do the same with Nitrite. Once Ammonia and Nitrite are both 0 again, and you have detectable amounts of nitrate, your cycle is finished and you can relax.

willow 03-14-2008 10:39 AM

if fish are gulping at the surface then there is something wrong.
and those fish will not fair well in a "raw" set up.

herefishy 03-14-2008 11:20 AM

If there are toxins in the water, begin filtering over carbon. The carbon will remove most unwanted chemicals in the water. Change after every 3 to 5 days as in the beginning, it will become loaded with the removed chemicals and become less effective. After the initial period, about a week or so, you should be able to reduce the number of carbon changes.

I have a question that no one else asked. Are the pipes in your house copper? Your fish may be suffering from copper poisoning. There are products on the market to eliminate copper levels in your water. You can also use bottled water or RO water. If RO water is used, you must add certain elements to buffer the water and bring it to proper condition for your fish since RO water has all elements and salts removed and is completely flat.

fish_4_all 03-14-2008 12:00 PM

Weekly water changes are the best way to maintain an aquarium. Dissolved solids, dissolved waste that we can NOT test for and other junk builds up over time and by doing weekly water changes we prvent them from becoming harmful to the fish. Food has metals in it. Inorganic nitrates and other wastes can cause organ problems in the fish.

There is likley something going on that is causing the reaction.

What is the pH, GH and KH of your tap water?

thespiff 03-17-2008 02:42 PM

Is it really the case that my gouramis should not be going to the surface to grab a mouthful of air from time to time? I thought this was natural behavior for gouramis.

And what do you mean "raw" environment?

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