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MonteCarlo 02-15-2013 12:14 PM

Fish Recommendation for 10gal NPT (hard water)
Hello, I currently have a 10gal heavily planted NPT (you can see it in my aquariums), and it has been running for a month and a half now. I think its mature enough to finally add in some "sensitive" fish (I previously just had white clouds). My water is slightly hard 8-10dGh, pH is 7-7.5 but leaning towards 7.5 . I have some thoughts on cool looking fish, and I would like to get advice on them. The number one rule, besides my water params, is that I will be having red cherry shrimp (or amano i havent decided yet), and a mystery snail, so the fish CANNOT be nippy/predatory towards invertebrates.

Guppies - This seems my safest, and probably whats going to be, my choice. Is it safe to have them all male/or all female? (i do not want them breeding, i have no resources for fry tanks etc). If so, which one is better, all male/or female? and how many should i have for my tank (keep in mind its well planted).

Dwarf Gouramis - Im pretty sure I have to eliminate this off the list since theyre likely to attack my shrimp/snail, right? I say this b/c i once owned a betta (actually 2) that both nipped my snails tentacles all the time.

Common Molly - seems a little big for my tank, id assume from their profile.

Harlequin Rasboras - Even though it says it can adapt to harder water, the profile says the fish will thrive/do better in slightly softer water. I dont want to home a fish unless I know its having the best life/conditions to live a longer life.

Sterbai or Albino Cory Catfish - Once again, four of these (the minimum id buy) seems like a little much, keep in mind my tanks a little cramped cuz of all the plants. Also, even though they adapt to water, once again it seems like theyre better fit for slightly soft water.

Please evaluate my assumptions, and if theyre true, I guess just only reply to the false ones. I will just get guppies if its my only option for a fulfilling life, but if any of my assumptions are false please let me know so i can maybe get some different fish. You can always suggest a nice fish that you think fits my tank, too. Thank you a bunch.

CayennePepper 02-15-2013 03:56 PM

Someone else might be able to answer this better than I, but I do remember an excellent article on water hardness and fish keeping with some fish suggestions.


From the suggestions the article mentions, I've kept and really like the Endlers Guppies and Platys (. The Endlers Guppies in particular are very social and have really funny personalities. I've never had problems keeping all male guppies, in fact I have 3 male Endlers Guppies now and they're practically joined at the hips (or should I say fins?). Dwarf Gouramis are nice too but I've heard they can be aggressive, like how mine turned out.
Anyways, I hope the article helps, and someone can give you even clearer/better suggestions.

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