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KatSea 02-14-2013 11:16 PM

Runt Angelfish Questions
Hello everyone!

So yesterday a good friend of mine sent me some free fish. Included was a small little Orange Koi Angelfish. When I got up with him about it he said it was a runt and that he had sold its siblings 1 to 2 months ago that were twice its size. I was wondering if there was anything specific I needed to do for it. How big will it get? Does anyone know?

I have him in a 29 gallon dirted tank with
5 Lamp eye tetras
2 silver hatchet
2 Albino bristle nose plecos
2 kribensis cichlid
6 ivory apple snails

Plant wise I have
jungel vals
cryptocoryne wendys
water sprite
water onion
amazon swords
and some other bulbs im growing

1077 02-15-2013 07:40 AM

Not much you can do for already stunted fish other than provide clean enviornment,variety of quality food's.
Stunted fish will live just as long as those that aren't stunted ,they just won't achieve their growth potential.
Would keep and eye on the two krib's if they are larger than the Angelfish.
Although Krib's are fairly docile compared to many other cichlid's, they may not accept the new cichlid right away.Am doubtful the Angelfish could compete for food when foraging near the bottom, so might offer some floating flake for Angelfish while offering sinking pellet's for the Krib's.
Would NOT add any more fish to this tank, for the Krib's and Bristlenose can and do regularly reach four to five inches in length and tank will be at near capacity with waste created, not to mention territorial need's of the Krib's(especially if spawning occurs) and to lesser degree the Bristlenose.
Weekly 50 percent water changes would be my aim.

Should say that runt's are often result of genetic's and or just don't feed as aggressively as their sibling's.

rexpepper651 02-16-2013 12:39 AM

ive have a runt black skirt tetra for over a yr and he does fine. def doesnt eat like the others but its healthy and cute. used to hang out with my pleco before i had to rehome it. i called them rob n big lol

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