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FishyFishy89 02-14-2013 09:23 PM

bubblers and heaters also dual heaters
Right now im testing out running dual heaters in my tank. One of them is directly in path of a bubbler. Has anyone had experience with a heater running more often or less than nessacry because of a bubbler?

Has anyone ever run 2 heaters in 1 tank? When its cold we open the windows and dont used our home heater. Ive experienced my 75's 1 heater working consently when its cold. So in an attempt to reduce its work ive put in a 2nd one.

What is your experience?

Yogi 02-15-2013 09:44 AM

I've never ran 2 heaters but as long as both are set to the same temperature I don't see why there would be any problems with it. I ran a bubbler in front of one of my heaters for about 6 months and I never had any issues with the temperature of the water being off. I stoped running the bubbler cause I got live plants and I no longer needed it.

ZivaD 02-15-2013 11:21 AM

I run two heaters in anything over 55 gallons (sometimes in smaller tanks, too). With large/long tanks the benefit of having two heaters is that you don't have all the warmth centralized at one end/place in the tank with the rest of the water being cooler. The overal benefit of two heaters is that if one fails (which we all know they can/do) you have a backup that will keep you from having a total temperature crash until you get the replacement.

ZivaD 02-15-2013 11:22 AM

The bubbler will move the heated water up and away from your heater (any current will, not just bubblers) - so the water is being replaced by unheated water and that will cause the heater to run more than it would if the warm water were allowed to "pool" around it.

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