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sillypony 03-13-2008 09:18 PM

Danio... wearing a sweater??
Hello all.

I had intended to post this tuesday, but have not had time, between class and homework.

I have a 55 gallon freshwater tank. It has been up since late september. There are 10 danios, 10 tetras, 2 baby (3 inch? in perhaps) fancy plecos, 3 loaches (i need to relook up the species. They're about 2.5 in long now), 2 skunk cory cats (i had not intended to add them, but the betta in my other tank refused to live with them, thus they are there) and a bunch of trumpet snails.
There are a few live plants- 3 random ones, and a large swordplant. Tank is generally about 76-78 degrees F. I have a HOB and 2 sponge filters. No CO2. It does get a very small amount of sunlight (i tend to keep the blinds closed) I do a water change, of 1/4-1/2 the tank every week. I feed twice a day- flake, shrimp pellets, and algae wafers. Lighting I usually keep on roughly 10hrs/day, but am not home so this may have varied of late (I dorm at school, and my brother and grandma split the feeding/light duties during the week. I premeasure their food.)
I don't have the most recent water parameters, will have those tomorrow. I haven't added a fish in several months, and i ALWAYS quarantine before adding them to the community. (the catfish are the most recent addition)

ok, so thats all the questions answered, here is my problem. Upon coming home last weekend, I found one dead danio (the second one in a month and a half, also my tetra population seems to have dropped 1-2) and a second looked very strange.

The strange danio was a bit lethargic, and seemed disinterested in food. All of the scales on its body were standing out on end. It made the fish look like it was wearing a sweater, or that it was afraid (like a cat with its hair on end). It moved its mouth rather alot as well, rather like a gold fish. It is in quarantine now, and I gave my brother instructions not to feed it. Other than that, i have not been able to do anything, as I was sick at the time, and it was midterm week this week.

My biggest question is not so much how to save the danio, as it is how to prevent any illness from afflicting my other fish. This dwindling of the population is quite unnerving, and now that i've finally seen one in the 'sick' stage rather than the dead stage, i hope to do something about it.

I understand I ought to have more info, etc. But I spend sunday night-friday afternoon at school, thus I cannot dote on my fish as I used to.

Thanks for any advice.


herefishy 03-13-2008 09:55 PM

The splayed scales sounds like dropsy. Any chance for pictures?

sillypony 03-13-2008 10:49 PM

Thanks for the quick response.

I did a google search for 'danio' and 'dropsy' I found a good pic on another forum, and it looks JUST like the one I've quarantined. The "pineconing" is exactly like mine.

I read up a bit, and now my question would be: what do i do?

Last I knew, my water levels were fine, but i will admit to being lax in testing of late, so i'll test tomorrow, do a massive water change, test again. I've never had any problems with the levels in the past (save a nitrite spike once when I changed gravel).

One of the other threads i found mentioned that losing one every month or so might mean fish TB. Is there anything I can do to narrow this down, and prevent it?

My BIGGEST single concern are my plec's. Granted, i love all the fishes and don't want any of them to suffer or die, but the L75 and L264 are my pride and joy. Thus my first thought is protecting them. Are they susceptible to anything the danios may have?

If this is TB, it is so entirely irritating, as I only buy fish from the best LFS in the area, and I 2 week quarantine EVERYTHING that comes in. gah!

I'll post again tomorrow after i double check my water parameters, and check on the sick danio.


herefishy 03-13-2008 11:57 PM

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