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Sylverclaws 02-14-2013 10:55 AM

My Calico Long-Finned Bristlenose Pleco
This is my young Calico long-fin BN pleco. It's hard to get good photos of her, she's very shy. I had to close-up from a distance, so the photos certainly aren't perfect, but they are the only ones I've ever had come out ok. lol She's always moving, and she hates cameras. =p I was hoping to get one where you could see her lovely tail, it's like a giant feather. Well, almost, but those are hard shots to get! Her tail is still a little chewed up, but it's looking good compared to how it was. When I got her, every single fin on her was torn, chewed up looking or just plain gone! Yeah, I seem to get a lot of fixer-uppers. lol She was the only one there.

Anywho, aside from her tail, she's all but healed perfectly. This didn't take too long to do, they just need proper care and a little something for possible infections in the wounds, they heal right up and don't take more than a month or two to repair if kept in clean water and cared for right. =) She's looking good, eh?
I have a regular albino BN in there too, she/he was missing an entire back pectoral fin(I think that's the right name for the fin), but it grew back and you can't even tell it was gone. Unfortunately I don't have photos of that one...well, I do somewhere, I'll see about updating those later on!

Now then, onto the photos!

I'm very proud of how well she recovered. Or he, I'm not sure on either of my plecos sexes. lol They're both fairly young still, this one is about three inches long, my other is close but looks smaller without those flowey fins. Her pectoral fins and dorsal are fully healed. ^_^

I think she may be a he, it's practically got horns, but not much on bristles. The other BN pleco is the same.

sparkyjoe 02-14-2013 11:59 PM

Aww, cute!

jeaninel 02-15-2013 10:07 AM

Very nice. At 3 inches with no bristles I'd say it's female.

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