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c_lou 03-13-2008 01:30 PM

55 gal. Salt to Fresh
Years ago I had a 55 gal. reef tank. After moving I decided to not set it up. It has been in my basement for about 5 years. I was just going to toss it but have decided to clean it up. Any ideas on what I can use to clean it? I hate to use bleach. I was thinking vinegar could clean up the salt but there may be some residual dead coralline algea on the glass. Could anything leach out of the silicon sealant around the seams?

Oldman47 03-13-2008 05:54 PM

Try rinsing with clear water and then scraping deposits to the point that it won't take too much vinegar to react and remove them. The vinegar is a good idea. For a glass tank I used a scotchbrite to scrub off hard water deposits using plain water. If you use one, make sure you get the one that does not scratch glass. Some of the more abrasive ones will. The one I got was intended to do things like clean kitchen counters so it was not very abrasive but was enough so to remove the deposits.

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