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Sylverclaws 02-12-2013 11:25 AM

My Orange Betta and Crew Update
Ah, it's been a while since I did a betta update! Unfortunately it's been an awful year for pets all around. =( My cat was put to sleep when they couldn't remove a bladder blockage, my dog had a possible cancerous growth on his tooth and we had to have the tooth removed, he also tore a ligament in his leg that had to be repaired...and my main fish tank has some nasty going through it that killed many of my fish. Unfortunately my rescued betta Mister President got this nasty and died as a result. That sucks so much because he had it rough when I got him as well. Some of you may know he also had popeye and a horrible case of fin-rot. I managed to fix him up and his whole tail and dorsal fin came back, he was looking so good! Also my female sorority was killed by this nasty, yes, all of them, and several platies, cories, mollies and a long-finned albino BN pleco. Bad year! BLAH! Let's let in some good now then, shall we? I do have some good, I swear. =)

Yes, I'm the crazy girl that uploads videos of her baby fish quite often, or I used to until last month or so when all the really crazy craziness started and I didn't have as much time to.

So, first off, I do still have my orchid betta, he's had it rather rough. Went from popeye to cloudeye right after or at the same time, it's hard to tell(I didn't notice it until his popeye was clearing up), to fin-rot, to something else nasty. Poor thing, they really let loose on it after living in cups! He's mostly black, so it took a while to notice how bad off he really was. =( But he's actually doing pretty well right now and is happily hanging out in his five gallon tank with a small mystery snail. =) He's looking so much better, I was really worried for a while there.

And also some of you may remember my Orange Betta I named Jack. He is the color of a pumpkin. lol He's also doing well. He has a little tear in his tail fin, but it's coming back together nicely, he's about half way there. He's thankfully had no issues so far aside from that. Jack has my Ten gallon, lightly planted tank where he lives happily with one mystery snail and two zebra nerite snails, and also four African Dwarf Frogs. My mystery snail is only in there temporarily though! I don't have any photos or videos of my other betta, but I do have some video I took of Jack today.
Excuse the mess, I am still working on the algae problem, but it's looking about a million times better than it was last month, it's almost gone! The plants aren't doing very well at the moment because I forgot to remove them when I used salt a while back, they have yet to recover, but they do look better. ^^; The algae on the plants is coming back though, my molly was taking care of it before when I had her in there for QT a while back, but she's not there anymore. lol

Well, without further adieu...a short video of Jack for you guys:

Sharky1234 02-13-2013 09:25 PM

:nicefish: He's really pretty! Betta's are my favorite aquarium fish :-D

essjay 02-14-2013 07:25 AM

He's a cutie!:nicefish:

Sorry to hear about your troubles... It always happens all at once doesn't it?? :hmm:

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