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xfatdannx 02-12-2013 04:55 AM

New to forum...4 weeks into cycle.
I started a fish in cycle before i read about a fish-less cycle. but i am 4 weeks in. here is my aquarium.

Fluval Edge 6gl - 6 gallon Freshwater fish tank

Thanks for looking.

Reefing Madness 02-13-2013 08:38 AM

sparkyjoe 02-13-2013 09:05 AM

Very pretty.

willow 02-13-2013 12:14 PM

hello and welcome.
how come only one serape ?

xfatdannx 02-13-2013 12:19 PM


Originally Posted by willow (Post 1429481)
hello and welcome.
how come only one serape ?

when i started i did 1 serpae and 2 neons, the neons died in 8 hours. been scared to add anything else since then as my cycle is not complete. i think i jumped in too fast.

willow 02-13-2013 12:22 PM

well i guess the fish store told you those fish were ok ?
shame really,they were destined to doom,naughty store !
could you possibly take him back and change him for a few danios instead,
serpae are best in a large group,and not a particularly nice personality fish.
ment to say,live plants would help a lot with the tank too.

xfatdannx 02-13-2013 12:28 PM

probably not at this time, its been a few weeks. I have started researching other fish to put in with him once the cycle is complete. if nothing else i will get more serpaes. I like the Emperor tetras and the Brilliant Rummy Nose tetras

willow 02-13-2013 12:44 PM

i liked the rummy noses i kept once,made a lovely show,
i had them in a group of around 10.
if i have another big tank one day,they will be on my wish list.

xfatdannx 02-13-2013 01:17 PM

will different kinds of fish school together or is it best to keep them all the same?

willow 02-13-2013 01:27 PM

some may bond due to fear perhaps,like small tetras,but personally
i think same species in groups is best.

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