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tropical1LakeMonster 02-12-2013 12:41 AM

my 110gallon oscar community tank
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Hi everyone I have a few questions about my 110gallon fresh water setup. I was told and know I am overstocked and hopefully within 6 months will have a 240gallon tank when I move.

I Have 2) albino tiger oscars,2) black/red oscars,2)Black convicts,1)Neon Jewel cichlid, 1)Striped raphael catfish, and made a super rookie mistake and got a couple pleco's (Please don't hate on me for that mistake too badly). The tank is lightly planted with some structure (@ this time all fish have co-exsisted for 6months)

Now for filtration I may have gone overkill but i turn the water in the tank over between 10&11 times an/hr using 3 HOB filters & 3 Canisters. I'm a fan of both HOB & Canisters and this way I can make cleaning filters easier by staggering cleaning them.

Water conitions are very good. I use a Api master freshwater testkit and nitrites, ammonia, ph, & nitrates are all good and water is good and clear.

Anyone with experience with oscars have you noticed what temps within their range they like best?

Will a 240 gallon be big enough for my fish?

All 4 of the oscars school together and sometimes the convicts do too. is this normal behavior for these fish?

With perfect water conditions how long can I Safely keep this community in a 110 gallon tank? ( all the fish seem to like each other and started off in a 55gallon together)

Thx in advance for any and all advice and comments

(if i did this right there will be an attached pic)

fryup 02-12-2013 05:26 PM

If all ur cichlids are young they will group together, all they get older they will all start claiming territories and fight will brake out, u hav done good with all that filtration but if u want all these fish to get along you will need a much larger tank :):):)

lorax84 02-12-2013 07:36 PM

I'm with fryup. Adult male oscars get to be 12-15" and can be very mean. My guess is that the dominant male adult will eventually kill everything in that tank except the catfish. You might get away with keeping the 4 oscars in a 240, but even that would be pushing it.

Tazman 02-12-2013 07:47 PM

I know it may sound harsh but unless you absolutely know you have the money or the tank on layaway, never count on getting a bigger tank.

Ok, now to the points in question, generally, a single of Oscar in a 75g tank, any other ones present and you start requiring huge tanks.

The main issue here is they will get along now as looking at your picture they are tiny. They will however NOT get along once they mature some, keeping more than one oscar and particularly more than one species requires not only a huge tank but a LOT of care.

I know a 240g is enormous but 4 fully grown Oscars gives about 60g space if the tank was empty, for each to claim a territory this is not a lot.
Filtration is not a problem, you have plenty for that tank.

Convicts, generally they work although not always and care must be taken if you notice any aggression towards them, remove them immediately otherwise they will be dinner or injured.

Huge tank, the plecos depending on what specifically they are, MAY work. The jewel cichlid should be ok, again though keep an eye on it.

To be honest, I would possibly until you have the new tank, consider re-housing the pleco, catfish and one of the Oscar pairs. They will be ok until they get about 6" then issues will start very quickly.

tropical1LakeMonster 02-12-2013 09:58 PM

thx everyone for the comments and advice so far.

I have $1,000 bucks sitting aside just for a bigger tank and was looking on and saw I can get a 300 gallon (wide) tank thats list dimensions are 96x30x25tall for 200 bucks more then I have saved brand new.

Is this tank potentally big enough for these guys? Getting the new tank isn't the biggest problem I just dont want to have to reinforce the floor and spend alot of money doing that on top of the cost's involved with getting a tank of this size.

I know I could always get another tank or two in the 100+ gallon range but would like to have the 110 for a community of smaller fish or potentally a salt water setup but those desions will all have to wait for 6 months till I move ( theres no way I'd have room for another tank right now especially a 300 gallon tank of any dimensions)

I've seen online that oscars need anywhere from 30 gal each to 75 gal each, can anyone clear this up and help me understand the logic behind the science? I don't dought that they need a ton of space just curious to learn more about it and why the info on this is so varied from one site to the next.

The pleco's are from what they were listed as are a high fin which is about 6ish inches long and what was just listed as a pleco and is about 9 to 11 inches in length both started of smaller then 2 inches and have had the high fin for about 8 months and the what I think is a common for a little over a year. ( I'll get pics up soon) .......... How much bigger can I expect these guys to get?

I'll be looking forward to hearing comments/advice on what I got here. Thx in advance to everyone

tropical1LakeMonster 02-13-2013 02:48 PM

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more oics of the tank with close ups of some of my fish.

more pics to come soon:-D

fryup 02-17-2013 01:37 AM

there cool, iv always wanted a huge Oscar tank :):):)
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