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BeastKingdom 02-09-2013 02:30 PM

Hi Guys
Hey all. I have 2 ten gallon tanks, One for birthing and fry growth, and the other as a community tank with 2 green lantern platys, 2 panda platys, a dwarf gourami, a silver molly, and in the breeding tank a pregnant dalmation molly. I dont know when she is due. She is still eating and not hidding. She doesnt look that square right now. She was pregnant when I got her and have had her for about 2 weeks so she is probably either 3 weeks or a month pregnant. I will post pictures later so you guys can help me determine when she is going to drop. The water is at about 86 degrees. Well anyway that my tanks and I hope that I am welcomed.:-D

Reefing Madness 02-09-2013 02:53 PM

BeastKingdom 02-10-2013 06:54 PM

Due date
I am not sure if my molly is squared off but she looks like she has swallowed an ice cube and has stop eating, not completely, but mostly. She spends most of her time at the bottom of the tank in a corner until I come over to the tank. She has been pregnant for a month now. She is in the 10 gallon birthing tank and I am going to put her in the trap when I think she is near because the birthing tank has no plants yet and I cannot get to the store. The problem is I dont know when she is going to be due and need your guys help to determine that. Here are some pics.
The only reason I have to put her in the trap is because I have to go to school and dont want her to eat them all because there are no plants yet. So what do you guys think should I put her in the trap yet?

SeaHorse 02-10-2013 09:01 PM

Hi BeastKingdom. Welcome to TFK!! We're sorry the forum has got you frustrated, but your first post didn't really ask a question. So... I have merged the 2 threads since they are both about the same pregnant Molly. Nice Pics too. Thanks.
A couple of things come to mind.
In the first post you said you've had her 2 weeks... and in the 3rd post you have had her a month... which is it? So that means we don't know when she is going to drop. Live bearers on average take 28 days but lots of things can delay that.
Your temp is WAY too hot. Turn that heater down.
My fish's fry drop in 78 degree water routinely.
I do not like birthing boxes so I will not tell you when to put her in one. She is exactly where she needs to be. She can't and won't hide in a bare tank... Do you not have any plastic plants you can float on the surface of the birthing tank? Take them out of your other tank and let them do without for a few days. Another thing you could try is 4 small rocks on the bottom and lay a piece of plastic grid or mesh, or even a piece of fiber fill for a filter... something to create a layer that the fry could drop below. It's only temporary until you get home so it's not like it will get stagnant. Keep an eye and keep it clean underneath. You are only doing this temp to protect the fry till you get home from school and can take the mom out.
Also doing a water change at night with a 2 degree LOWER temperature will feel to her like a cleansing rain... they fry often drop in the early dawn hours after the "rain".

If you wish to share an update or pics of the fry, please post them here in this thread rather than starting another. I will close your other thread.

BeastKingdom 02-10-2013 09:43 PM

Thanks for the advice I have had her for 3 weeks now and Im asuming she has been pregnant for atleast a week when I got her. But I will do what you said and see if it works. She has the little white ball near her anal fin so I dont know when she will drop

BeastKingdom 02-11-2013 07:20 AM

New fry on bottom
Hey my molly had fry this morning and they are laying on their sides at the bottom. Is this normal? When i come near them they move but are they supposed to b on their sides?

Romad 02-11-2013 07:24 AM

Welcome to the forum BeastKingdom :wave:

Jakie gave you some very good advice there. You really need to get that temp. down and get some silk or plastic floating and bottom plants to give the fry a place to hide out.

Do you have any fry food? You might want to pick up some in the meantime. The chain stores like Petco & Petsmart typically carry it. I always see Hikari First Bites on their shelves.

Good luck and keep us posted.

SeaHorse 02-11-2013 07:46 AM

And... of course this begs the question... What are you going to do with all the fry in a 10 gallon tank? Do you have a local fish store set to take them once they are grown?
For the record my Swordtail dropped 6, 8, then 65-100 OMG I had never seen so many. But I raised them in the 10 for 2-3 months and then moved them to the 75. All those that were still small stayed longer in the 10 to grow out.
And LOTS of water changes in the fry tank, like daily, and they will grow much faster!! Proven fact.
Molly fry are 2x bigger at least than Swordtails so you should have less babies.

BeastKingdom 02-11-2013 11:30 AM

There are only 10 fry and they are dying and I dont know why.

SeaHorse 02-11-2013 12:25 PM

We need more info than that.
Where are they?
When born? Last night you had none....???
Temp in tank?
Where is mom?
Did you provide cover?

Can you give us more details.

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