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Bossman0069 03-12-2008 01:26 PM

Can a Biowheel Recover From Cleaning?

I Like A Dope Cleaned My Bio Wheel.
After getting Ick-Ich And Learning The Safe Way To Treat For It; ie:Temp+Salt. I Needed To Get The Meds Out. Like I Expected My Stained Tank, Decor And Poor Fish Were All Traumatized! Problem Was The Bio Wheel Seemed Slimy And Green. (Was It Supposed To Be That Way?) I Gently Under Hot Tap Water Cleaned It Off. Did I Just Completely restart The Cycle?

Will The Biowheel Recover? Or Do I Have To Replace it? Ive Heard They Only Need To Be Replaced If Let To Dry Out? I Would Imagine The Bacteria Would Recolonize In Either Case. Comments About What A Dope I Am Sure! Let Me Have It.

jeaninel 03-12-2008 01:50 PM

Cleaning the biowheel with hot tap water most likely killed off your bacteria. I would leave it and it should recolonize. However there should still be some bacteria in your gravel and decorations. You will probably see a mini cycle so be sure to check your water parameters every day for the next week or so and be prepared to do water changes. The biowheels will get very dark and slimy. You don't need to touch it unless it gets too clogged and stops turning. Then swish it in used tank water to clean off any excess debris.

Good luck!

busteds13 03-12-2008 02:07 PM

off topic, but still about biowheels... for the first week i had my biowheel filter (the 100), it was nice and quiet. recently, though, it's started making this gurgling grinding noise, like what a HOB usually makes when you first start it up or if you start it without water in it. is this normal? any ideas?

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