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Cody 03-11-2008 11:57 PM

2.5G Fuge Plans for my soon-to-be 10G Tank
I have decided to make a small fuge for my future 10 gallon tank. I have been going back and forth on AC110's, a built-in fuge, and many other things. I am set on this now. I will be using a standard 2.5G tank, most likely only having 2 compartments. But, if this doesn't work, I will make a built-in fuge. I am taking this very slow.

In my main tank, I will designate a small area so water can skim down into the "box" and flow into the fuge via U-Tube (1"-1.25"). MY first chamber will consist of eggcrate, chaeto, and LR rubble. The second chamber will consist of more LR rubble, a heater, and a small powerhead. This will flow back up, over and down with PVC tubes.

I will be keeping a 24" 96W t5 fixture for my lighting, so hopefully enough will shine into the fuge for the Chaeto. I will also have a Koralia 1 Powerhead in the main tank for additional flow.

Also, this maintence needs to be decently quiet, as it is in my bedroom.

Some questions...

-Would 80GHP be enough flow to pump water back from the fuge into the main tank, or would it be best to shoot for 150ghp?
-I need to figure out a way to get water into the fuge from the main tank. I read that just the good old sucking on one end of the tube keeps constant water movement, but I dunno. Thoughts?

I will post some pictures of the plan later tommorow.

SKAustin 03-12-2008 07:35 AM

Cody, Your pump considerations will need to include the location of the sump in respect to the display. If you are keeping the sump below the display, the pump will need to be pressure rated to be able to make the ascent needed to reach the display. otherwise, the head loss could be significant enough where the pump will pump little if any water.

Also, on your overflow, you will need to have a box on the back side of the tank as well. the box on the back will regulate the flow through the u-tube and will also prevent the water from dropping below the u-tube causing the syphon to break and the overflow to cease.

Here is a standard overflow design. I'm sure modifications can be made to accomodate a smaller design that would be less intrusive to your 10 gal tank.

Cody 03-12-2008 05:04 PM

Thanks for the info.

I'm not having it below the tank, but next to it. Sorry if I made that unclear. Let me know if these plans work:

Full View/Both Tanks view:

Main Tank View:

Fuge View:

Does this make it a little clearer?

I will also post a link for my return pump.

Cody 03-12-2008 09:30 PM

Since the fuge isn't even with the main tank, I can add a 4" small, wood stand to raise it up level with the main tank as well.

I also plan to use this return pump: (first or second model).

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