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bf2king 03-11-2008 11:43 PM

Lost 1 tank i dont want to lose another..
I lost a 29 gallon tank 2 months or so back... out of 6 Yellow Labs, 1 Farawella Cat, and a Common Pleco i have 1 yellow lab and the pleco...

Now in my 55 gallon i c signs of this fungus on my african butterfly fish... i had a peice of drift wood that looked funny in the tank for about 30 minutes... what happened is i put it in... came back half hour later and found it with a cloudy coat of something on it so i took it out.. would this have caused this?

I treated the tank with antifungal medicine that i know is effective from a conversation with herefishy about 6-7 months ago. i removed all carbon... would u have any idea of what this could be? (i had seen it in a 10 gallon as well and got rid of it at the same time as the 29...)

herefishy 03-12-2008 12:07 AM

If I were to guess, and this is a guess, I would imagine that the piece ofdriftwood has been in contactr with some toxic insecticide or herbicide. This is just a guess, mind you, but I have heard and read of such occurances with a mold, fungus, happening in other's tanks.

I remember a member in a club I belong to having a similar problem some years back. Others concluded that this was the only possibility. I have to, somewhat, agree with them. All other possibilities had been systematically eliminated.

Remove the driftwood, and begin daily 50% water changes. Do not sweep the gravel. Try to preserve as much of the bacteria bed as possible. Filter heavily with carbon, changing the media every couple of days. May or may not help, but the carbon should remove the toxins if chemical based.

bf2king 03-12-2008 12:16 AM

ah i think i just relized what might have done this and i think i may have made a huge mistake...

This wood was in with my Ball Python.
My Python got mites i treated everything in the tank switched him out tanks and this dirft wook sat with other decor from the python tanks in a garbage bag for 3 weeks after being sprayed with mite off.. although this was perfectly safe for my snake could this be the cause? if so i have another peice of would to dig out...

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