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42572 02-08-2013 08:48 PM

More babies!
Hey guys, so I breed platys and swordtails, and occasionally mixbreed them, so one of my females (from a platy/swortail mix batch I had on last Valentine's Day) had babies the other day, only five, but normall I get forty to fifty, I think it's just because there wasn't as much to hide in this time. They are Platy/Swordtail Mixbreedes, three of them look like they're going to be orange (I have been breeding them for years so I have a pretty good on estimate), the other two look like they're going to be colored like my other pinapple swords. Once my tank (it's a fifty-five gallon) is restocked all the way I will start getting more batches like I normally do and will be selling them to my petstore like I used to. I have a current tank that is fifteen gallons that is currently full, but sadly will soon be vacated, and when it does I am going to set it up for my moms that are close to birth, let them give birth, then take them out and let the babies grow up in there. I am just so happy because it has been a long time since I've gotten a batch of babies. :D

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