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beetlebz 03-11-2008 08:08 PM

custom glass canopy
Hey kids..

I have a 110 gallon tank with a stand and canopy, but there are 2 problems.

1) the canopy is HUUUUGEEEEE
2) water evaporates out of there so fast the severums keep bottles of poland spring behind the driftwood just incase I sleep in.

seriously though I want to add acrylic tops to the tank with a raised 48" light above it. im looking at

now, the thing is, ive measured the opening of my tank, and checked the perfecto AND all-glass acrylic tops and neither match up, so I need to make my own.

does anyone have an idea of a good place to start? I was just going to get plexiglass, a piano hinge and a couple handles but Im thinking there has to be something better out there. thoughts?

fish_4_all 03-12-2008 11:10 AM

Plexi is going to bend and warp and really be a pain in the neck down the road if you get it hot at all. Wood or glass is the best bet for a canopy. Glass is cheaper and won't warp and wood is easy to do pretty much whatever oyu want to.

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