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MonteCarlo 02-05-2013 08:49 PM

Overfeeding my White Cloud Minnows?
They look like tetras so i figured this is the appropriate forum. I have 5 white clouds in my 10g. For the first 3 weeks ive noticed they had plumper looking bellies (i cant remember if they were like that to begin with), and I was feeding them about 2-3 crushed flakes (depending on size) of Omega One Freshwater Flakes. I admit to giving them a tad bit more some days, but I only feed them once a day so i doubted it was too much. About 5 days ago, one of the smaller ones had a particularly bloated belly and struggled with buoyancy, i took that as a sign of overfeeding. So I didn't feed them an entire day, and the next day only one crushed flake. That went well, but now everyday after I feed only one crushed flake, he still starts to float, and even some others seem to be having some bigger bellies and swimming difficulties immediately after eating too...

Can it be that my fish arent compatible with my flakes? Its a good brand i know. Can flakes get stale from opening the cap everyday? I cant imagine im overfeeding them, they devour what little amount i give them in seconds, and its only once a day. If I were to cut down anymore, itd be close to not even feeding them.

Im not too worried since ina few weeks theyre going back to the store, since ive only used them to mature my tank, but i may want to feed these flakes to my tetras that i MAY be getting.

Byron 02-07-2013 11:56 AM

These fish are cyprinids, so I moved your post to the Cyprinid section.

Like most of us here, I am not in favour of using any fish to cycle a tank, then getting rid of them. There are much safer ways. Ammonia and nitrite poisoning is, at the very least, very stressful on fish, and almost always results in a shorter lifespan due to the damage internally. Aside from that, there is the real possibility of introducing some pathogen to your new tank which could cause trouble with the other fish down the road.

Fishless methods include fish food, frozen shrimp, or pure ammonia. I prefer live plants (if the tank is to be planted).


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