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grizz2534 03-11-2008 11:25 AM

Moving Fish
Not sure where to post this, so I did it here.

I am probably going to be moving from Missoula, MT to Colorado Springs, CO. About 1000 miles. How in the :evil: do I move fish that far without killing them?? I have a 55 gallon aquarium. I have 4 paradise gouramis, 6 tiger barbs, 1 leporinus, and a peacock eel. I'm gonna get a bristlenose pleco here soon. I'll probably be moving in july or august. Right now i'm thinking put them in a couple 5 gallon buckets and prey! Does anyone have any better ideas? If all else fails, i might just give them away and start over, but i'd rather not. Thanks in advance for all the advice.


Fat_Fender_40 03-11-2008 03:09 PM

Okay, I've had to move my tanks three times since October and didn't have one fatality. So I'll give you some hints/ideas.

Get a cooler, big hard plastic ones with the nozzle at the bottom so you can drain at the water easily and add more water when needed. I used the tank water to practically fill the cooler and added the fish. Water changes with a nozzle was very easy. Plus, it's better insulated than just a 5 gallon bucket.

My hang on the back filters fit on the cooler so I didn't have to rush to add them to the tank and when I could get to electricity, I used them when I could. If you're moving a 1,000 miles it'll be a bit harder of course, but I'm sure you won't drive all at once without a night in a motel or something.

I forgot how many quarts my cooler is, but it took two of use to move and make sure you keep it shut good while in transport because water will spill out a bit if you don't close it good.

I've moved my tanks a total of 5 times and each time became easier as I tried new stuff out. I first tried the bagged method, but I lost some fish the first and second moves and ended up just filling up the cooler and it's been smooth since.

Just remember, to take your time to set your tank up. One of my moves, I rushed and my tank wasn't level, one side was over an inch higher than the other. That's why I'm glad my filter fit on the cooler, I had a extra day or so to set up the tank and make sure everything was alright with cycling.

grizz2534 03-12-2008 09:43 AM

That's a good idea!! I didn't even think about a cooler. That would work. the only thing that sucks is I think we're moving in with my aunt and uncle for a little while, until we can find our own place. That could suck setting it up and then tearing it down and setting it up again. But what can you do. Thanks for the advice!!!


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