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Twitch 03-10-2008 08:14 PM

Should I have a sump?
Question #1: What is a sump and what is its importance for a reef tank?

I have a 20L tank that has been running for four days. Here is the list of specifics:

Size: 20L
Filter: Millennium 3000 (it has two filter inserts and two bioplates. Turns 200g/hr)
Lighting: Currently just normal florescent.\
Substrate: Live Sand (1 inch)
Live Rock: 8lbs of live rock
Heater: Can't remember. Threw away the box.
Temperature: 77
Inhabitants: Several hermits and two snails (I know I should not have put them in till after the cycle and now I know that I won't do it again.)

Sorry for the list of specifics but I figured if they were needed, then there they are. So my question is, should I have a sump? If so, how do I go about making/plumbing one? I have a 10g just sitting around (with water and a running filter) that I was going to use as a 10g freshwater but there is nothing freshwater I really want to keep (I set up the 10g before getting the saltwater). Could I use the 10g as a sump/fuge? How would I do it? and what benefits are there to having a sump that size when you have a 20g?

cp5041 03-11-2008 05:22 PM

you could use that 10 gallon for a sump/fuge. the benefits of this would be more room for equipment like a protein skimmer or you could hide the heater in the sump. also ther is more water volume so its like having a 20 gallon tank with 30 gallons of water. this leaves room for more live rock which will help with biological filtration. if you have a fuge in it as well (a ten gallon may be a little small to fit this all in) you can add macro algae which will help reduce nitrates and it can be a safe place for copepods to mature untill they become natural fish food.

mikedelo 08-06-2008 10:21 PM

re: sump question
For a 20 gallon with your live stock list you shouldn't need a sump. If you were going to add any more live rock or sand to the tank, you will have to buy a protein skimmer. The protein skimmer is what made me get a sump. It was so ugly in my tank, that I decided to get a sump to house my filters, heater, skimmer, etc.

wake49 08-11-2008 09:31 AM

Is this a 20 GALLON or a 20 LITER??? If it is a 20 LITER, than that is more like a 6 Gallon, and your sump would probably end up being larger than your display tank...If it's a 20 Liter, than you should be fine with the filter. A protein skimmer would help you get rid of a few unwanted organics, but I would wait a few weekd and let them build up...

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