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Sylverclaws 02-02-2013 02:55 PM

Wild Crawdad/crawfish project
I was it possible to keep crawdads in an aquarium? I was talking about the spawning area near here and thought I might do a little project for the kids next Summer and get a few of the youngsters to raise. I have four tanks, a five gallon, ten gallon(which is the one I'd like to use since it's older, well planted and has a sandy bottom), a twenty gallon and a 55 gallon tank, all are freshwater. When I was a kid I had kept one in a ten gallon for about a year, but then Goliath(He was huge, probably NOT right for a small tank), got loose in the house. LOL I was only about six years old, and I knew how to feed them and stuff, I'd catch him minnows from the creek he came from. He ended up back in the creek where I initially found him after he got loose in the house, he was out for two days, we thought the dog got him. Turns out he was tormenting the dog at the bottom of the stairs when we found him, and I didn't want to risk him getting out again and dying so I released him, but he got big and happy while I had him. He was the size of a small lobster, I'd say he was about 6+ inches long with HUGE claws.

Anywho, I was thinking about raising some baby ones so the kids could watch for a year maybe and releasing them next Summer and starting over if it goes well. I doubt they will get more than a few inches long in that time, Goliath was big when I got him. I'm not sure if that would work out or even be healthy for the animals, so I was hoping to know if it's do-able(like if Goliath was just lucky or something, he got so big and fat on minnows and possibly the plants I had in there, I intend to research how to properly feed and maintain their homes before doing anything this time) safely and letting them live off of foods and stuff they'd find in the creeks they came from. Under the bridge by the creek here, there are usually hundreds+ babies in there in the summers, I assumed it was a spawning pool, I like visiting it and watching them. But I thought it'd be fun for the kids to watch one or two grow and then be released later, or possibly keeping them.
Would there be any reasons not to? Is there a risk to them living in a freshwater tank usually frequented by fish and frogs(which I do not intend to have in there to be eaten. lol)? It sounds like a fun project for both myself and the kids. I'll be doing all the care of course, not the kids. But I will teach them a bit as we go.

If you think it's an ok idea, what should I look into besides all around care and maintaining the tank properly? Any tips? Yay's and Nay's on it, I'd like to know what I'm getting into. xD Goliath may have just been a lucky temporary pet for a mischievous kid. lol The time for it is still 4-6 months away. Yeah, I sound like an idiot who doesn't know what they're doing, and probably am, but I have time to research and plan properly if I go with it.

Has anyone else done it before and been successful?

MMAfish35 02-06-2013 07:24 PM

I'm no expert, but I would say its fine. The Electric Blue Lobster/Crayfish is just a morph of the red crayfish from lousianna. I wouldnt keep too many of them together because they like to fight. They eat pretty much anything from meats to plants. I would say go for it.

dodgefate 02-10-2013 10:54 PM

I own a vaction house in upstate Pa. There is a stream running through the property and as a kid I used to catch them all the time. I kept about 6 as pets for years. I used to feed them the red worms. One even got pregnant one time and gave birth to a ton of babbys but most died off. You have to over feed them though if not they get nasty. They like hiding spots alot and dont like to be in the poen too much.

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