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AndyGB4 01-28-2013 08:23 PM

Some help identifying growth on rocks
I was wondering what this small green thing on the left.
I have a few all over the tank. Thanks guys!

(picture is turned to the side, i have to leave in hurry!)

Reefing Madness 01-28-2013 08:44 PM

Probably a Marine Plant, but you'll have to wait til it grows up before we can ID it.

AndyGB4 01-28-2013 11:11 PM

Ok cool, thanks, I'll post back here when we can see it better.

RSully 01-28-2013 11:55 PM


AndyGB4 01-30-2013 06:09 PM

I guess I might as well add this here too, I have another weird thing to ID lol

I added this rock in about a week ago or 2 ago, and it now has these weird white tube looking things growing on it, I'm 99% sure they were not there before.

What do you think it is?

Reefing Madness 01-30-2013 06:11 PM

AH, just tube worms, nothing to worry about.
Possible Spaghetti Worm

AndyGB4 01-30-2013 06:15 PM

Oh, ok cool! Thanks Reefing!

AndyGB4 02-01-2013 01:00 PM

Just wanted to add something about the first image (green growth).

Not that it's growing out a little more, it seems a lot like Neomeris annulata.
It seems a tiny bit furry, its a bright green, the tip is rounded. I'm pretty sure it's that.

Reefing Madness 02-01-2013 03:59 PM

Sounds like possible Shaving Brush.

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