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Zule 03-08-2008 09:18 PM

I was at the lfs today and saw some very interesting looking cichlids. I asked one of the employees and all he told me was that they were a dwarf species, about three inches as adults, and relatively peaceful. Now I don't take anything to heart that I'm told without researching the fish myself, so I wrote down the names. And who better to ask then the experts around here? I found some basic information, but can anyone give me a little more on Apistogramma Agassizi and Apistogramma Borelli?

I am possibly going to invest in another tank, a 30 gallon I saw on craigslist. So besides normal stuff like temperament, size, space needed, I would also benefit from some possible tankmate suggestions.

Thanks a bunch in advance.

herefishy 03-08-2008 10:55 PM

I have both species currently breeding. If you could be more specific in your request, I can be more specific with my answers.

The ten colonies, five of each species, are currently in 15g breeder tanks. Fine gravel bottom, small 110gph power filters, sponge filters, peices of driftwood, clay pots. Rather spartan. Ph is 6.8 temp 78 degrees F.

I started with about 20 of each . They thinned themselves out and paired off without my assistance. I sold about 7-8 male survivors of each species to my lfs.

These are wild caught breeders. I had to acclimate them some. I did not get the information as to water conditions where they were caught, so it was kind of hit and miss.

I have also added elodea to help combat some alagae problems but have been harvesting that as needed. They do like very clean water. Regular water changes seem to be the rule of the day. I change about 5g every 5-7 days. That is also the big reason for the power filters.

I plan on putting at least one pair of Apistogrammas in my new blackwater tank to see if they will like those conditions any better. But, with all of the progress I've made on it, I may have it done by Christmas............2025.

Zule 03-09-2008 02:35 PM

I'm sorry, I meant like how they interact with other species and apparent temperament towards each other as adults and towards other tank mates. They had them in a tank with ghost catfish and whiptail catfish, but I know many species can become aggressive as they mature. Do you think they would do better in a species only tank or could I give it a try with a community tank?

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