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LincolnS 03-08-2008 08:28 PM

Snail problem..
Hello everyone, I am sort of having a snail problem that i know isnt uncommon. These things are everywhere. Ive been thinking/reading n have came up with a few possible choices n would like your input on whats most efficient/effective.

1. Baiting. I have a few saucer like objects ive been putting algae wafers on and then removing the snails . Seems to work to an extent but i doubt it will remove them all.

2. Nuking. I only have 4 ottos, a bumblebee goby, and an adf in there atm. I could move them in with my betta in a 10 divided n work from there.

3. Gutting. I could gut the whole tank..and restart the cycle. Would the cycle still be painful even with saved filter media and gravel?

4. Starving. take out the 3 plants and move fish. That would cause a loss in bacteria though wouldnt it?

Many thanks in advance.

herefishy 03-08-2008 08:29 PM

You can add copper, like a product called Rid-a-Snail, or get a botia loach.

LincolnS 03-08-2008 08:36 PM

would the copper harm the plants or fish? (i have a sword plant and something that floats on the top) And would the decaying cause problems for fish?

Would the loach remove all the snails? or just most?

Thanks again herefishy

Flashygrrl 03-09-2008 12:41 AM

If you have invertebrates like shrimp or something (or ever plan to have them) then you can't use the copper. Gutting and then reusing the gravel would be useless because there most likely would be eggs in the gravel and it's not so funny sometimes how those little pond snails can survive. Nuking would probably do a number on your plants and possibly bacteria (I'm assuming you want to turn the heater wayyyyy up). Same with starving. Baiting-wise you might actually have more luck with some romaine lettuce (it doesn't get nasty as fast as other lettuce) and it's far less stressful on plants and fish than the other ideas.

If you have the room and tank conditions I'd get a loach. They won't get ALL the snails but they'll keep the numbers down. Hope this helps!

LincolnS 03-09-2008 07:15 AM

Thanks. I think ive settled on baiting them and loaches. Should solve the problem relativly quickly. Thanks for help flashygrrl and any specific kind of loach? I was looking and liked zebra/khuli and yoyos.


Flashygrrl 03-09-2008 08:27 AM

I don't know a whole lot about loaches myself but I don't think Khulis eat as many snails as the rest of them but looking at your tank blurb you'd be overstocked with yoyos because they like being in a group and they grow a max of 6 inches (do you still have the pleco, btw? I have trouble keeping track of who's got what :D).

Lupin 03-09-2008 08:31 AM

Sorry, I don't like the use of copper nor the fish to do the job especially if the tank appears to have insufficient spacing for a group. Imagine the consequences if you fail to retrieve all dead snails. Rising ammonia, dead fish, etc.

Manually pick them up and control your feedings.

LincolnS 03-09-2008 12:07 PM

o flashy haha i forgot to update that..i only have 4 otos and a bumblebee goby right now. I took the rest back besides a goby who kicked the bucket. Should have room with that right? :)

Thanks again

LincolnS 03-09-2008 12:12 PM

i updated my tank thing as well.

herefishy 03-09-2008 01:51 PM

I have a small Botia striata that is a snail eating fool. I'll drop a small bunch if snails in the tank as a treat and he, literally, does loops. Then goes to the bottom to chow down. Weird fish. Quite comical though.

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