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luke77 01-24-2013 03:42 PM

Rescued an Angel
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Ok this is unbelieveable. So I'm selling girl scout cookies with my 5 year old daughter and we go to this house, get invited in and in the living room is a ten gallon tank (Yes 10 gallon!) with this huge Angel. This thing is a beast, so I start talking to the lady and told her a little about keeping fish and what not. She said her son gave it to her a few month's ago when his tank broke. Long story short I ended up buying it from her for 5 dollars. Picked it up today and am acclimating it now. Here's a pick, I will take a few more tonight so yo can get a true perspective of the size of this thing.

aussieJJDude 01-24-2013 04:00 PM

Glad that you got the fish!
He looks so cute! :-)

Sqbear46 01-24-2013 05:02 PM

Beautiful fish!!

luke77 01-24-2013 06:40 PM

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A few more pic's

djembekah 01-24-2013 10:53 PM

hope it gets along with the other angels! i got two from a person who kept them in 5 gallons with a cory and a swordtail last summer

Sookielee 01-25-2013 07:37 AM

That is a good sized Angel. Be willing to bet he/she is really enjoying to extra swimming space.

luke77 01-25-2013 07:41 AM

My black marble and the new one have been by each others side since I introduced it to the tank. My smaller koi I will be taking back to the pet store cause the other 2 are chasing it around and won't let it near them.

djembekah 01-25-2013 02:54 PM

oh maybe they're a pair now :)
what size tank do you have?

luke77 01-25-2013 03:11 PM

55 gallon.

djembekah 01-25-2013 03:15 PM

nice :) looks great!

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