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Zule 03-07-2008 01:26 PM

Updated 55 gallon
So, a week or two ago I found a nice piece of driftwood and some rocks to further furnish my big tank. With a big enough pot, I managed to boil the driftwood in three parts without having to chop it down and make it smaller. I hated to have to mess around with the placement of things while I had fish in there, but I figured it would mean more stress to chase them around the tank and net them, so I just left everyone in there.

With the addition of those things I also moved around the plants and some of the decorations. Everything looks so much better now. I still need more plants though. Some fuller and taller ones would really benefit the tank.

Here's the updated setup. My pictures don't do it justice.

I also gave up my pleco to the lfs. There's a big empty spot under the hollow log. *sniff* I felt so bad leaving him.

jeaninel 03-07-2008 01:40 PM

Looks nice! :thumbsup:
I really like the wood and the dark substrate. Sorry to hear you had to give up your pleco.

Holly 03-07-2008 10:08 PM

What did you use as substrate? That's not regular gravel is it?

Zule 03-07-2008 10:34 PM


What did you use as substrate? That's not regular gravel is it?
Yeah, just standard gravel from Petsmart.

Thanks you guys. :) In a few days I'll add another updated photo. I just ordered some more plants today, and they'll be shipped on monday.

Falina 03-08-2008 05:43 AM

Looks nice. :)

willow 03-09-2008 05:24 AM

i really like it.
great how you made to stone cave there. :)

Zule 03-09-2008 10:40 PM

Thanks. I actually had way more rocks, but I didn't want to be in there too long spooking them, that plus I had a nice setup planned out, which I should have known better than to expect to recreate it. :roll: I went "durr I'll take pictures" which didn't help one bit. I had it on macro so the colors all ended up looking warm, so I couldn't tell which rock was where. So I was in there moving stuff around trying to figure out how I had it before, and it was taking too long so I aborted and left it as it was.

Skibur 04-01-2008 06:45 PM

nice stone cave thing on the thrid picture, may i ask what kind of glue you used to make them stay together?

Zule 04-04-2008 08:36 PM

Thanks, I used 100% silicone sealant made by All-Glass Aquarium.

bf2king 04-04-2008 08:48 PM

looks great

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