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avnjimenez 01-22-2013 08:14 PM

avn paroon shark and iredescent id shark and medication
Hi to all

Im Alvin from tropical country of Philippines i love watching my fish while im searching in my computer. hope that we will help each other sharing our Graet expirience handling tropical fishes.


Reefing Madness 01-22-2013 08:37 PM

avnjimenez 01-22-2013 09:41 PM

Paroon and Id shark
Hey guys Iím new here: from tropical country of Philippines: i would like to share my experience and knowledge about Paroon and ID shark; we have a lot of that species here.

Paroon other name: commonly known here High Fin Hammerhead:/Pangasius Sanitwongsei/giant chow praya/

Body figure: pointed High Fin : mouth and head wider than ID shark. dark gray color and white silvery to its bottom.

ID Shark other name: Iridescent id shark/Hammerhead/Pangasius hypophthalmus/
body figure: Fins not hard and Not pointed; dark gray slanted 2 to 3 stripe color to silvery or there is all white color.

avnjimenez 01-22-2013 09:47 PM

Experience in ID shark
Experience in ID shark

i give my 3 inches id shark to my friend and place it to 5 gallon tank only and it was 6
years ago, until now the fish is alive. the fish only grow to 8 inches only. he only feed sinking pellet.
the price of ID shark that is 3 to 4inches = 25.00 pesos or $0.45 USD only.
Id shark is very easy to handle but take note that this is a very nervous type of fish and fast swimmer so dont make them nervous or they will hit your tank wall and display resulting to serious injuries.

avnjimenez 01-22-2013 09:51 PM

My Paroon Experience
Now my Paroon Experience
Now i acquire 2 paroon 3 to 4 inches for only 300.00 pesos or only $6.00 dollar USD there. i notice the other one is balloon shape.
Im very observant. i place it in 20 gal tank only 36 inches L x 18 inches H x 10 inches W.
My paroon not eat for 3 weeks. when i feed my paroon they swim away from food and panic, but i know paroon eat anything. i gave them fresh food from my refrigerator. Small slice meat pork/slice fish meat /sinking pellet/floating /frozen crab stick meat/fish balls nuggets fish flavor/or live guppy fish. but he swim away and donít eat. then one time at night i see he grab floating small dead fish.
i switch my observation at night'' no light is on. everything is dark i have only one led light or very small flashlight to limit the light. i notice that the behavior of paroon change at night it becomes a monster. A normal swimming at night become hunter swimming when light is out i donít know how they can see without light.
i observed they ate what they encounter, from meat that i give to live fish. Then i see their stomach is big. And so big i thought they die because of too much food. But they vomit excess food in their stomach.
that is why every morning i saw dead fish with form in 30 degree angle body something is swallow and out again.
the following day i control feeding.
this is amazing their skin is translucent when i open the light every morning their color is almost white but after a few second it turn to black. or the original color of paroon.
take note: too much food is bad for your fish.

avnjimenez 01-22-2013 09:54 PM

Medication Experience
Medication experience.
My paroon become sick i see a lot of ich in their skin and fin rot their skin is become salty look. i expect that my paroon dye after 4 or 5 days. i search for medication. ill only find Ocean free general medication. in two days i see the result, its healed but not all there is left in their skin. they called resistant ich. so i search for antibacterial but the problem not available in my country so i try human anti bacterial erythromycin 500mg 1 capsule and apply to 20 gal i dissolve this first to a water then testing first, i put some guppy to small tank and place small amount of medicine if they die but they did not die.
2nd day i put another human anti bacterial Clarithromycin 250 mg (medicine of my kids 3yrs old :liquid type) i put it in a cup almost 5 drops mixed with water then dissolved and apply to may 20 gal tank.
Results: my two paroon totally healed and now healthy including their tank mates oscar albino bala shark tinfoil barb. Parrot and other live fish for feeding purposes (guppies)
Under medication i replace almost 15 percent of water every day.
i am not suggesting human antibacterial, ill used it because anti bacterial for fish is not available in my country.

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