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fishaddict52 01-22-2013 07:12 PM

50gal build This is the plan
Ok filled it up got heater in today(it is one i had laying around) see if it will hold the temp:wink:.Have another in the ram tank might use when i take it down.The question i have if i take out half of the gravel and decor of the ram tank if it will help it cycle faster.still will have to get more gravel (this weekend):-D.Have a small HOB filter with some media from the ram29g changed media(auqariun fiber) in 50g and droped it in as well.Going to use the HOB filter in the 29g but have to be able to move rams when i do.All so going to move the ropefish's fav decor pices 2 tunnel's.Have to make sure we are far enought along not to hurt the WIFE'S ropefish. If any one has any in put it would as all way's welcome.:-D

Nilet699 01-22-2013 07:19 PM

Do all that :-)
Any surface area in an aquarium thats established etc will carry the bacteria you need to bump the cycle process. Add plenty of live plants, floating too like water sprite etc and maybe even go with a bottled bacteria bottle and you should be there in no time.
Mixture of old and new gravel works fine as it will colonise from one to another. Do you need to take out half though~? You dont want to suddenly strip all of the bacteria out of a tank with fish in it and casue a mini cycle. Normally people go for some ladies tights filled with old gravel placed into the tank.

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