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squishylittlefishies 01-21-2013 10:20 AM

funny oto feeding behavior!
Ok, so I threw a big algae covered rock into my main tank for my otos today. The smallest oto- Flash was the first to find it and he's over there chowing down. Then, leo and spot- my inseperable pair zoom over and are eating it too. So flash scoots his wat along the rock, and when he got close to the bigger ones, they would headbut him! They woukd just kinda wiggle at him and bump him with their heads so he'd go to a different spot. I've never seen them get competitive over their food before, and I figured it wasn't even an issue since they don't have the normal bitin mouths, ya know? Anyway, so then my male balloon molly- Fatti came over to have a snack, and the otos totally tried to chase him off too! It was really cute, they're all poking his belly with their noses, trying to defend their rock, and Fatti's just doing his thing, not a care in the world. They even tried headbutting the shrimp! I've never seen them do this before, but it was funny! Do your otocinclus cats do this, or have other funny behaviors you want to share?

fashionfobie 01-23-2013 06:29 AM

I enjoy how much my otos stay together. They are always found on the same plant leaf. If one swims off slowly they all follow regrouping on the next leaf and they normally sit in such close proximity, it is really cute. My farawella, Augustine, gets very aggressive over her algae wafer. She swims over it shifts her head quickly from side to side, reminds me of a shark. Since she is such a peaceful fish who hangs out on her branches all day, so I find it very entertaining. Her RAWR moment!

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