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JDM 01-20-2013 02:33 PM

My first filter...Marineland C220 canister
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I am not going to do an in depth review of the product, it's a canister filter after all, water goes in, gets drawn through the filter media and goes back to the tank.

A couple of things make this stand out among canister filters, only based on what I have read about other peoples' experiences. I think them worth mentioning.

I attached a picture that shows one of the main parts that makes this a very easy filter to deal with when it comes to servicing time. The release lever and key (which may not be that clear, suffice it to say they are there) let the manifold assembly be removed from the canister without having to disconnect individual hoses or worry about one way valves or draining the plumbing first. Lift the lever, turn the "key" and pull the manifold out of it's socket. Although I always put a towel underneath while doing this, no water is spilled.

The compression fittings on the manifold are nice. The only thing worth mentioning about this is to be certain to recheck them after the warmer water runs through the hoses. They can just be hand tightened but will need to be snugged up once warm. This filter took me about 20 - 30 minutes to setup and start running without having any prior filter experiences, not even a HOB filter, as this is my very first aquarium.

The other nice feature is the priming pump. Half a dozen presses (firm presses as it takes a little elbow grease to move it the first time) even when connecting dry, fills the hoses and gets the pump wet.

There are four separate media baskets which is handy when setting up a custom stack. Course foam, filter floss (my addition), bio-media (ceramics with a scrubbing filter come with it). There were some silly plastic "bio-balls" which looked more silly than useful and just made the filter sound rattly when operating so there is still a spare basket for more mechanical filtration should I need it.

Well, maybe this was more review than I intended. So I might as well mention that it only cost me $109. For a filter that is rated up to a 55 gallon tank, that is not a bad price for a canister at all. Saves me some space behind the tank, keeps everything neat and the sound levels are very low.


cichlidfish123 01-20-2013 07:35 PM

It sounds like it is better then I thought!

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