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BillyVille 03-05-2008 10:20 AM

What could it be?
As you all know from my last post I started up a 10 gallon the other night. I put in 1 glowlight danio and 3 platy to start my cycle. Well like 5 hrs after I noticed the platy had a white almost cotton looking stuff on their upper and lower lips, some worse than other. I was told to add salt because it was a lip rott? Well I woke up this morning and it was gone, I didnt add anything. They have been sucking food up from the gravel, what could it be? Should I be worried?

BillyVille 03-05-2008 12:09 PM

I know you guys are getting tired of me posting so much, but I need to know if this is hurting my fish?

Little-Fizz 03-07-2008 11:32 PM

Could be fungus? But salt wouldn't have cured that.

If your fish is fine I wouldn't be to concerned about it, but if you really must know have a look at the fresh water disease page on this forum... It sounds like it could be columnaris but again, salt wouldn't have cleared this up.

Best of luck with your fish.

Falina 03-08-2008 04:20 AM

Columnaris or fungus resulting from an injury sounds likely. Things like this are to be expected when doing a fish cycle unfotunately. Salt would not have helped either of these. Good water quality and frequent water changes would be the best cure, and possibly some melafix, but since the tank is still cycling this will be difficult/impossible to achieve.

What are your parameters? When doing a fish cycle it's very important to monitor them closely to make sure you keep amonia, nitrite and nitrate as bearable as possible for the fish, otherwise expect a lot of deaths.

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