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Psylk87 01-18-2013 01:15 PM

Invertebrate Newbie
Hello all!

I have been keeping fish for years but have never kept inverts. Recently I have decided that it might be a fun thing to try. I have been doing some reading but I was hoping I could get some pointers and thoughts form those more experienced than me.

I was thinking of doing a 5.5 gallon tank to start. If it goes well I may upgrade later.

1. Can I use Eco-complete substrate with them? I have read it needs to be soft so it doesnt hurt them. Is sand the better option? Could I maybedo a 50/50 mix of Eco-complete and sand? If it should just be straight sand what is the best sand choice?

2. I also read that cherry shrimp are the best to start with so I plan on getting those. How many do you think I should get to start? Ideally I would like room to grow.

3. What plants work best with shrimp? Would water sprite be okay? What mosses and how many to start?

4. Is it true they need a clacium block or si there something else that can be used?

5. How much should they be fed as not to over feed? What is the best type of food?

6. I have read several times about people have shrimp die after they molt. What causes this and how do I prevent it?

7. Any other tips you have would be fantastic. I am greatful for any and all info!

Thanks in andvance guys.

Also I haven't bought anything yet (except the tank) so I can try anythign you suggest.

Molinious 01-20-2013 08:20 PM

First of all you wont regret having inverts especially shrimp! Cherry red shrimp are pretty easy to keep. Numbers wise i started off with 12 and now have possibly 400+ over 2 tanks.

Substrate wise the Eco complete would be fine, iv got a fine gravel and sand in mine and they dont mind either.

As far as food goes they will eat algae wafers, flake food, calcium blocks are good but not completely essential mine have never had them and have bloomed!

Iv not known any of mine to die after malting, maybe the ones that suggest this happens see the malted shell and think there shrimp have died i dont know.

As far as planting goes may i suggest watching a few videos on you tube for inspiration, alot of keepers use java moss aswell as others, this all depends on perameters and personal taste

Hope this has answered some of your questions but im sure the real experts on here will weigh in if iv been inaccurate on anything

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