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Holly 03-04-2008 08:48 PM

Buying a uv filter and need some advise please
I have a 55g. Some filters says a 5watt is good for a 55g and others are telling me that I need a 18 watt. Now I don't claim to be the smartest tool in the shed but that's a big differance! I want something that's going to do the job, not oversized but if I ever get to a 125g, I don't want to have to buy a new uv either. Help?! Oh also there's a canister filter with a gph rate of 250 and it has a uv built in. Should I just get that? The canister filter I have now is 300gph so I would be going to a smaller, less efficient filter right?

herefishy 03-05-2008 02:39 AM

Holly, the amount of light you need is proportionate to the water flow of your pump. I can't find my chart right now. The fishroom is more than a little disheveled, currently. Well, more than normal anyway, it's always kinda messy. When I find it I will try and get it posted as sticky and pm you. I run 14w bulbs on 3500gph pumps in my fishroom, if that gives you any ideas. I placed them on the discharge side of each pump. My thinking is that I didn't want any benefical bacteria being killed coming back to my reservoir tanks. Of course, the bad bugs will enter the reservoir, but those will be dealt with on the back side during discharge. I don't know if the theory is correct, but it works. My inline heaters are also on the discharge side. The system is a contiuous flow replenishment system for dedicated banks of tanks.

I think UV is a good idea if used properly. I can't remeber my last outbreak of ich downstairs. Been a very long time ago though.

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